first date tips : Be interesting

“I’m so nervous,” she said, “I don’t know what to do. I’ve never been on a first date before.”

“Just relax, and be yourself,” you replied.

“But being myself is why this is a first date in the first place!”

Being interesting on a first date isn’t about trying to show off or impress your date. It’s about making sure your date wants to spend time with you again – which means actually enjoying each other’s company. And that won’t happen if neither of you can think of anything interesting to say! Here are some first date tips:

1) Humor is your friend . Everyone loves humor; it helps release endorphins and makes people feel good. But it’s so easy to go overboard with the humor – the first date is no time for dick jokes, especially if your idea of “humor” is making fun of somebody. Making off-color remarks about somebody’s appearance also falls flat.

2) Be interesting . This means actually being a person rather than a caricature whose life revolves around ordering drinks at bars and going to concerts every night of the week. Make an effort to get involved in your community or pick up a new hobby you can talk about on first dates. Go to events that give you plenty of material for first date conversation topics. Above all, be honest! Not only will it get you far better first date results, but it’ll help establish trust from the get-go.

3) Ask first date questions . The first date is about getting to know your date, so learn as much as you can about them. Questions like “What do you do?” and “Where are you from?” are only the start. Keep an ear out for first date conversation topics that’ll tell you more about who they are, what they’re passionate about, and what kind of first date activities they enjoy. You may even find yourself falling in love with somebody new!

4) Plan first date activities . It’s much easier for women to talk when men aren’t talking at them – so ditch the traditional first date plan of guys taking girls to dinner or drinks. Instead, offer your first dates something active – whether it’s going to the movies, taking a walk around a local park, or even just playing Frisbee together. You don’t have to go first date activities alone – anybody can show up and join in!

5) Keep first date conversations light . Remember, first dates aren’t first-second-and-third dates for everybody involved. If you’re going first date ideas on a first first date, don’t assume it’ll be a first last first date as well. So keep your first date conversation topics light and fun; there’s plenty of time to get more serious later on.

In general, first dates are about finding an activity that’s safe enough that both parties will feel comfortable doing it together – as long as they don’t run out of first date conversation topics! Keeping first dates fun and interesting means not only are you more likely to have a great first date that leads to things further down the line, but you’re also more likely to get along with other first daters who just wanna have some first date fun.

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First paragraph of article text: “I’m so nervous,” she said, “I don’t know what to do. I’ve never been on a first date before.””Just relax, and be yourself,” you replied.”But being myself is why this is a first date in the first place!” she replied.

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