first date tips: Don’t go to the cinema on the 1st date

This is the first tip I want to give you. And it’s one that I hope you’ve already known for a long time. But, every now and then, I still hear that people are doing it.

So please learn from your mistakes when it comes to first-dates! Don’t go for something impersonal like the cinema on the first date!

It doesn’t matter if you use Tinder or have met in another way, first dates should be about getting to know each other better. You can do this while having dinner or coffee at a nice place but not at the movies because there are just too many distractions there. So, wait with going to the movies until the second date if possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There’s nothing wrong about going for a first date to the movies, but please make sure you talk to each other first! If you don’t have anything to say during the first 30 minutes of your first date, then the first date is clearly not a good fit. The first movie-date should be a test to see if there’s any chemistry between both of you and if this first movie-date doesn’t work out, at least you have tried that already and can then move on.

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Why it’s a bad idea: It’s considered as one of the worst first date options by many people because much can be going on during a first movie date. The first date is important because you want to be able to get to know each other without any distractions or getting into an argument about money for the popcorn.

What’s the alternative: If you really feel like watching a film with your first-date, then go for it! Just don’t buy anything from the concession stand and wait until the second date before going again. It’s a good idea if both of you already know what movie you would like to see and there’s no new movie coming out that weekend. By talking beforehand, you can make sure that this first-date will work out by finding out whether there really is chemistry between you two.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before buying tickets, first talk to each other about what you think is a good first date. If possible, only buy one ticket so that the first date won’t affect your budget too much.

When it comes to first dates, you should really let chemistry lead the way. Don’t force yourself into something you don’t like because of money or lack of choices! The first movie-date might not be for everyone but there are certainly better first date options out there.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t go on first dates because they’re cheap or free (except if its FREE!). Cheap doesn’t mean bad! But you can save money by getting together with friends and watching movies at home instead.

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What’s the alternative: There are many first-date options that can be just as fun as going to a first movie. You can choose from bowling, cocktails or even a first camping trip if you know your first date is outdoorsy! This way, both of you will have something in common and it’s also better for your budget. In addition, this first-date option is more relaxed because you don’t have to worry about presents or paying for something at an expensive restaurant.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Just make sure that both of you agree with going on a first camping trip before booking a ticket(s) and stay safe by discussing expectations beforehand.

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