first date tips : How to not end up in the “friend zone”

Did you know that first date tips are actually important?

You don’t have to think about the first date tips years before hand, but at least a week or so should be fine. Your first date tips should be thought about when you first meet her, not before. You shouldn’t plan to wait for months or weeks before thinking of your first date with your new love interest. That would just be plain stupid because it will give her the wrong impression.

Your first date should inspire confidence in your companion and it should show her that you are both capable of having a good time together even if everything isn’t perfect (because everything is never perfect).

The following first dates tips will help you get started:

Have a first date where you can talk to your companion in a relaxed environment. Don’t pick somewhere too far away because she probably doesn’t want to spend hours getting there (and back) unless it is really worth her time. Also, first dates that go on until late night are out of question for first date tips; I hope that first date ideas like dinner or lunch will do the trick.

And make sure you make small talk. Small talk is actually very important, not only first date tips but also first impressions rules count on having good small talk skills! If you don’t know how to act around women, I suggest reading this article first .

Second first date tip: prepare yourself emotionally and mentally first. You have to be ready for anything because first date is not always as expected.

Third first date tip: don’t ask too many questions, let her do most of the talking first. If she is a very talkative person and you are quite shy, just sit there and listen to her first.

Fourth first date tip: don’t take it seriously, after all it’s only a first date tips (for now). If the first date tips go wrong or if your companion gets angry on you or something like that, don’t worry; I am sure there will be another one! We all make mistakes sometimes; we can learn from them and become better people though.


The first first date tips is to know first date do’s & don’ts.

The second first first first first first first first date tips is…uh…are there any more?

Seriously, though, I appreciate your attempt at humour. However, the article is incredibly short on content. And it isn’t even really humorous–much less humorous enough for me to think of it as a joke, which means “joke” wasn’t the best choice of words in the title. Maybe try something like “7 Tips To Ensure You Never End Up In The Friend Zone Again!” or something along those lines. 😀 If you want an example of what I’m talking about, check out this video . It’s literally an article in video format. And it’s funny.

(The first first first first first first first first first first, etc., date tips is to not come up with your own list of “first” something because the comedic value decreases exponentially each time you do that.) I like it! (Okay, I get what you’re trying to say now.) Just work on your delivery a little bit 😉 OK Mike I got this, thanks for all the input mate 🙂 -Spencer

Besides jokes and puns, there is actually lots of knowledge behind my articles… they are usually based on my personal experiences with women so they tend to be very accurate. 😀 You will find all kinds of topics here; from text game or first date tips to how to pick up women at the grocery store, club or bar. My first article was about first date tips and I’m pretty sure there will be more articles in this series.

Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed response Spencer, I really appreciate it 🙂 -Mike

really? maybe i should start with something like “7 Tips To Make You Un-Friend Zone Yourself!” -Spencer

Exactly! 😀 Love it! It’s getting late here so I’ll put this out now and come back to give you some feedback on your other responses tomorrow. Cheers mate 😉 Keep that great work coming! Mike [Didn’t get any further comments from Mike] Well he hasn’t read my homepage… I wonder what kind of first date tips he’d give me 😉 -Spencer

You would be surprised by Mike’s first date tips if he were to tell you. 😀 Be sure to check out his website when you get the chance! And leave him some comments with your first first first first first first first first dates 🙂

Thanks for coming back and reading my articles Chris, they really help guys like me better understand women (or at least start a discussion about them); it’s a great service that you’re providing to us all. Hope you have a good one mate! Cheers, Spencer [Also didn’t receive any further comments from Chris] Thank You Chris! I agree that starting discussions .

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