first date tips : Leave a trace of mystery behind

Your first date is over. You’ve had fun, worked hard to be charming and witty, get the first date set up etc. Everything went well… But what now?

Well, you could leave her a trace of mystery behind by knowing how to give good first date tips for next time.

The first thing you want to do during your first meeting is get her number so you can communicate with each other in the future [without having to ask for it again]. Use this conversation [more if possible] as an opportunity to leave a last trace of mystery behind: leave your number on one of the napkins in the restaurant… That way she may start imagining about when she might see you again… In her mind, she might start to think of first first date tips on what she can wear next time, on first first date ideas for more first first date tips…

Just remember you are not forcing her to do anything. On the contrary, you are still being genuine and authentic, but adding more of a masculine frame of mind so that she will perceive you as being different from other guys.

Keep in mind these first first date tips! But most importantly – have fun with it! You want to stand out ever so slightly amongst the competition. Just don’t overdo it or else you risk making her feel uncomfortable…

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