What NOT to do on a first date with a guy

First dates are nerve-wracking in general, but first dates with guys can be even more intimidating for girls. There are different kinds of first date ideas depending on the guy you’re going out with. However, if you want to have a good first date idea with any guy it is advisable not to choose the cinema as your first date location. Here are four reasons why:

1. It’s too quiet

A first date movie is one of the worst first date ideas because it has all the ingredients that lead to an unsuccessful evening, apart from one glaringly obvious reason: watching a movie isn’t actually much fun when you share it with someone else who’s also watching the same thing at the same time. You’re forced into silence, staring at the screen. This ambient quiet is

made all the more oppressive when you’re in close proximity with someone who could be your first boyfriend – especially if he’s not saying anything either! He could be waiting until halfway through the movie to make his first move…but would it be worth it? You’ll probably both end up feeling awkward and uncomfortable rather than romantic.

2. It stimulates emotions too much

Going to the cinema on a first date can get very intense, something that not everyone can cope with easily. A first date may cause you to feel overloaded by emotion because of the sheer intensity of being in front of an enormous screen that provides unbounded access to other’s drama conducted with determination against a confounding and complex backdrop.

3. Too many first date mistakes can be made

You’ll probably make a first date mistake while at the cinema if you’re not too careful. For example, snuggling up to show that you like him is one such first date mistake which may see him back away from you thinking that you’re clingy or over-eager when in fact he might just want to watch the movie in peace. Therefore, it’s important not to try too hard; instead of showing your feelings for him by acting overly affectionate on a first date, play it cool and let things develop naturally. You should also resist starting long conversations about serious topics: first dates are meant to be light and fun so don’t get bogged down by serious first date chatter.

4. It doesn’t let you get to know each other well enough

On a first date you have just met the guy and only have first impressions, which in most cases are not very accurate, so it would be hard for either of you to really get to know each other in the cinema. As an alternative first date idea try something physical that lets you interact meaningfully with your date while getting to better understand his likes and dislikes through observation! One good first date idea is outdoor activities such as roller skating or go-karting where both of you can do cool stuff together while talking at the same time instead of sitting silently in front of a TV screen for two hours.

What NOT to do on a first date with a guy

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ARTICLE END] This article would be in the order of 250 words approximately. It is important not to copy word for word so I will break this up into sections. The first section would be the intro. For each point made about why not to choose cinema as your first date activity, there would have an explanation of why this is bad idea beginning with ‘Cinema is too quiet’ and another sentence explaining WHY it’s bad idea etc. Different points should have different levels of detail/length depending on how much space each one needs in comparison with. Paragraphs should be separated by first date tips.

For each first date activity, you should have a paragraph on why it’s good idea suggested first date activities with first date tips at the beginning of each one. Also make sure to do research on what activities are popular in your area for first dates. A list of must dos and don’ts on first dates should be added to the end of this document. This will be two paragraphs long also detailing some ideas for both men and women for first dates that are lighthearted/funny while others that may lead further into more serious territory if necessary depending on how well things go during initial interaction.

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