Birthday Party Conversation Starters

Happy Birthday to youuuu!

It’s time for the birthday boy or girl to blow out the candles, make a wish and then open presents with their family and friends. What better way is there to celebrate his/her special day than by having a great conversation with those who are closest to them?

The following list of questions are ones that are commonly heard at most birthday parties. They can be used as icebreakers or as follow-up questions after someone has opened their present in order to get an honest answer from your child on whether or not they like it. You’ll find that these questions will also help kids feel included on the party planning process.  

* Note: If you’re hosting your own birthday party, just make sure to give each child at the party a piece of paper and pencil.

1.How old are you?

2.What grade are you in?

3.Who is your favorite superhero/super heroine?

4.Where do you want to go for your birthday this year?

5.Who is your favorite author/illustrator?

6.What would be the perfect gift for you this year?

7.Who was the last person to give you a birthday present before today?

8.Would you rather receive an awesome gift or have presents brought to you by all of your friends while doing something fun together like playing games or going on an outing with them instead of having gifts set out on the table?

9.What’s your favorite color?

10.What was your first pet’s name?

11.How many pets do you have now?

12.Would you rather get to spend time with all of your friends at one place or split them up into small groups and let each group come to a different location like an arcade, skating rink or museum for their party?

13.Who is your favorite family member(s)?

14.Where do you want to go on vacation this year?

15.Favorite season of the year is…

16.Favorite animal is…

17.If you could be someone else in another profession who would it be and why?

18.What is your favorite sport to play?

19.Are you looking forward to summer break or do you wish school was still in session?

20.Favorite time of day is…

21.What’s the best part about being a kid/teenager?

22.If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?  

23.What has been your biggest accomplishment as a child/teenager so far?

24.What do you want to be when you grow up? (Don’t say this unless they’ve already given an answer)  * Example: If they say they want to be a doctor athlete, ask them if their plan is to go to medical school or if they would be ok with being an athlete.

25.What’s your favorite movie?

26.If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

27.If you had three wishes for yourself what would they be?

28.Are you excited/nervous about starting high school this fall?

29.What are some things that make you laugh the hardest?  

30.Who do you want to spend more time with during the summer break before 10th grade begins and why?       

Remember, these questions are meant as fun conversation starters! Hopefully, these will help make your child’s birthday party a memorable one! Happy Birthday to them again!

Author: John Larkin

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Title:      How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party for Your Child or Teenager


#1: How old is your child and who will be invited to the party?

The first thing you’ll want to do when planning a birthday party is find out how old your kid is. Do they know? Have they mentioned it and if so, what did they say? If you’re not sure, then find out when their next birthday will take place in advance and make sure that you write it down somewhere where you won’t forget. The second question that needs to be answered is who exactly should be invited to the party. Some parents like to invite everyone from their kid’s school, while others prefer to have family only. The best answer is the one that entails inviting people your child enjoys spending time with, but also not being too selective about who to invite.

#2: Will there be a theme or will it just be a regular party?

There are some kids that want an extravagant themed celebration. Others don’t care what you do so long as they get presents and have fun hanging out with their friends. Think about what your kid would enjoy most. Themes can include movies, sports teams, books, TV shows etc… This doesn’t mean that everyone has to wear a costume or anything like that – but some type of decoration along those lines would be cool for those kids who like such things.

#3: What kind of music works best for the party?

Many kids today love to dance, even if it’s just in their living room. If your kid is one of those who are constantly grooving to the latest songs on the radio or TV it might be fun to have a DJ come over and play some of their favorite tunes. It doesn’t have to be all dancing either – you can also provide an area where they can play video games or another alternative entertainment option if your child prefers more sedentary activities.

#4: Will there be food at the party? What will it include?

This is something that definitely needs to be thought about carefully before hand because if you’re hosting this shindig then it’s your responsibility to provide every single thing that everyone will want or need. Most kids get hungry pretty soon after they get there so you’ll have to have at least some snacks on hand. Try to think of food that can be eaten without utensils and won’t leave a big mess afterwards – finger foods are perfect for this sort of situation.

#5: Will there be any entertainment? If so, what kind?

Depending on the age group attending the party you might find it fun to have someone come in and do face painting or temporary tattoos for the guests, especially if it’s taking place at home. A mobile clown may also make an appearance along with magicians who are capable of entertaining all ages tricks, jokes etc…

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