Funny Conversation Starters

“A penny for your thoughts,” is a conversation opener that has been passed down from generation to generation – only the currency amount has changed. For those of us who have never seen a penny, it can be interpreted as ‘What are you thinking about?’ or ‘What kind of deep thoughts do you have?’ or even ‘You’re so adorable!’

Asking someone what they want for breakfast (or any other meal) is another way to kick off some meaningful dialogue. If they respond with their usual cereal choice, then at least there’s room for more discussion on what brand they like best; if they don’t eat breakfast often, then you’ll get an idea of how early (or late) they are to the party.

“We should be best friends!” is a classic conversation starter that has worked on pretty much everyone who hears it. The response you get will vary depending on if your target actually wants to be friends or not, and how badly (it’s nice to know where we stand). It’s definitely worth a shot for those that aren’t sure what to say next; “We should be besties!” is another variant of this opener that works just as well.

People make mistakes all the time, especially when it comes to texting abbreviations like OMG and TTYL (Oh My God and Talk To You Later). Have some fun by asking someone what those common acronyms stand for. If you’re the one texting them, it might not be a good idea to tell your conversation partner that you don’t know what they mean!

Introduce yourself with “My name is ____. What’s yours?” which is always an effective way of starting conversations. After someone has responded by giving their own name, introduce yourself using theirs, so as not to confuse them or create the awkward social situation of having no idea which name goes with which face after everyone around you introduces themselves with non-traditional names like Joe and Jane Doe.

Funny conversation starters are meant only to be used in friendly situations where there are no ill intentions involved; anything else will just come off as creepy or rude! That being said, “What are you planning to do after this?” is a good way to find out if there’s anything interesting going on, or if your conversation partner has something big planned.

If all else fails, ask the person what their favorite TV show is. It’s an innocuous question that can lead to bigger discussions about pop culture with ease! If they don’t have one, then maybe try asking them for recommendations instead. Chances are that most people enjoy talking about themselves and would love the chance to share their passions with someone new.

It’s great to have things in common when it comes to having fun with other people… But sometimes you just have nothing but yourself. If you’re feeling self-conscious about being alone at a party, ask someone if they’ve ever had a crush on a cartoon character. It’s hard to do and most people will be impressed by the creative thinking behind the question.

“What’s something you can never resist?” is another classic line that’s suitable for almost any situation where you feel like kicking off your first impressions with your target. The response will depend on who you’re asking, so have fun with it! For example, “chocolate-covered pretzels” might work well with an athletic person, but not as well for someone who just lost thirty pounds from gastric bypass surgery!

Good luck finding out more about your conversation partner with these funny conversation starters! For even more ideas to bring up when there are no ideas, look into some great puns or browse our list of funny questions to ask!

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