Date Night Idea : Sing a Karaoke Duet

Picture this: You and your honey are celebrating Date Night after a stressful week at work. The dinner is over and it’s time to unwind with a little karaoke before heading home.

Maybe you’re feeling like an 90s pop song, or maybe you want to belt out one of the best songs from “Frozen.” Whatever your heart desires, we’ve put together some tips for making sure your Date Night duet goes off without a hitch!

1) Pick a song you both enjoy

If both of you aren’t into country music, then don’t pick a country song. Think about what kinds of songs each of you enjoy before choosing one that will please both crowds. If there’s thing we know for certain about Date Night, it’s that Date Nights should be a fun way to unite as a couple and connect . Make sure the song you choose is something you both will enjoy.

2) Pick a familiar song  for those nervous Date Night singers out there — pick a song whose lyrics everyone knows so those who aren’t confident with their vocal chords can feel free to sing along. This way, your Date Night duet will include more than just the two of you. The audience makes an impact on Date Nights because Date Nights are about spending time together in public while displaying affection for one another.

3) Practice, practice, practice If neither of you have ever sung karaoke before, don’t shy away it! Just like everything else Date Nights are meant to be fun for the both of you. You can seek out Date Nights at your local karaoke bar, or maybe Date Night Tonight has a few Date Night Duets lined up for you! Practice is important so that everyone knows what to expect .

4) Pick songs that compliment each other’s voices If one of you has an amazing voice and the other doesn’t sing very well, then it might be wise to choose a song that really brings out the best in your vocals . Or if both of you have incredible voices, pick a classic Date Night duet like “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers or “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” by Elton John.

5) Sing along with Date Night staff If you arrive at Date Night Tonight and they are offering Date Nights, ask the Date Night staff to come up with a duet for the two of you. They are trained Date Night experts who can help make sure your Date Nights are fun for both of you! Once again, Date Nights are meant to be nights out with your partner where you’re expressing affection for one another in public .

6) Show off those dance moves! Date Nights aren’t just about singing—they’re also about dancing ! Even if neither of you know how to dance very well , that doesn’t mean Date Nights have to be boring. The more into it that both of you get, the better . Get those hips moving and those feet tapping as loud as you can. Date Nights are all about having a good time, and that includes dancing!

7) Sing from the heart Date Nights aren’t meant to be professional performances, they’re meant to show off your love for each other in public . So even if you think you sound terrible singing with your partner , it’s OK because Date Nights are more about showing affection than impressing anyone or sounding perfect! Date Nights are supposed to be fun and affordable dates while displaying affection for one another in public ! This is why Date Night Tonight makes Date Night Duets easy — we make Date Night planning simple at  where our name says it all .

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