unique date idea : A Year In Review

What better date idea than to look back on your year together? Whether you met, fell in love, or got married, this date will help reminisce about the memories that reminded you of why you started dating/fell in love/got married!

Start by grabbing some blankets and finding a nice spot to lay down. If possible make it somewhere you can see stars (bonus points if it’s date night). State-side date ideas include mountain tops and beaches; international date ideas include ravines or rooftops. Once you’ve found your date night location create a playlist consisting of songs that remind you of each other this past year. You can either create a playlist on Spotify or use songs from different artists’ albums as they come out throughout the year.

Once you’ve found your date night location and made it date night ready, you can either talk about each song as it plays or replace them with couples’ massages/snuggles.

If you’d rather take this date indoors start by covering surfaces in different colored paper (red for passion, green for luck). If you happen to be near a fireplace start by lighting that up (bonus points if you stock it with firewood beforehand) then light several candles of various colors. Sit on the floor and give each other massages while looking through pictures from the past year together; alternatively, throw all of your pictures into a photo album and reminisce orally through them. Remember the good times (and pick out a few you want to have again) and laugh at the bad times.

This date is simple, but perfect date night material. You don’t need to go out of your way or spend a hefty amount of money for this date to be a success! Planning date night can sometimes take all of the fun out of it so try an easy date night idea like A Year In Review for date night tonight!


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