unique date idea : Admire The Masterpieces At An Art Gallery

Many towns in the UK have free art galleries or at least charge a very low price to get in. This is an ideal date idea because it allows both of you to experience some culture, appreciate something not-related-to-football for once and gives you both something to talk about/discuss afterwards if that’s your cup of tea.

And whenever you do go on this date (or any date) there are 5 rules that MUST be adhered by all means necessary:


1. All plans must be made in advance – this prevents last minute issues, always assume they can come up so plan for them! If she does cancel, don’t get mad just tell her what you’re up to that night – date cancelling doesn’t have to be a bad thing!

2. Open-ended date goals – ‘let’s just go out with each other’ is not acceptable date conversation, it gives you nothing to talk about in your head when in an awkward situation and means the date is basically at its end when you leave in your car. Instead give her some options but don’t narrow them down too much so she feels like she has some choice/making of plans (e.g. I’m thinking of going for a few pints at 6 then maybe watching football or seeing an 18 film). Never get mad if she chooses something else because then you are forcing events onto her which will make for future bad dates.

3. 4 date deal breakers – don’t do these and date will be a success:

a) Ditch her to watch the football: if she is not a big football fan then she is going to hate this, end of date.

b) Commit some crime e.g. drink/smoke too much and throw up on her shoes: If you do this then date over as it makes for an unfair first impression that will damage your relationship with them from day one!

c) Demand sex within 10 mins of meeting: This may work on some girls but avoid this here because date rape is a very real thing and nobody wants their first date with someone to involve a night in the cells along side a court date.

d) Never admit you are wrong: date over.

4. Phone off – if she can’t get in contact with you then date is date over, I know this sounds extreme but it’s best not to take the risk because date crashers never end well.

5. No sex after date – for some people this may seem obvious but you might be surprised how often it happens, better to prevent date rape by avoiding follow up sexual relations rather than having one awkward conversation where they accuse you of using them as a ‘one night stand’ and ruining their life; we aren’t all rich and famous enough to deal with police reports and consequent criminal records (or lawsuits). Happy dating!

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For a more classic date idea that will be sure to impress your date, try out an art gallery. The main purpose of an art gallery is to show off the artistic abilities of artists though their pieces. Some people may first think of museums when they’re thinking about an art gallery but there is actually quite a big difference. An art gallery houses contemporary pieces which means it won’t contain very old pieces like paintings from years ago (though some may). It’s not all about artwork either; some galleries also host live performances and installations which you can attend too!

So what exactly should you do at an art gallery? Well, firstly make sure you go during opening hours as most places close on a Sunday and/or Monday which will be useless if you want to go on a date. I would recommend arriving at the art gallery about 15 minutes before it opens so you can both admire the pieces surrounding the entrance and take some photos. Make sure you dress accordingly with whatever dress code there is; most galleries don’t allow people wearing shorts, jeans or trainers but this depends on the artist’s wishes.

Once inside pick out your favourite piece of artwork and start with that one! Then after that move onto another, then another then another until you find yourself standing in front of a painting that gives off different vibes than all of those around it which is perfect for taking a photo together next to it.

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