unique date idea : Catch A Sunrise (Or Sunset)

It is truly amazing what one can do in an entire day.

I’m sure you have heard of date ideas like dinner and a movie, or maybe even dinner at a restaurant with no menu, just waitresses who would bring whatever they think you should eat next. Although these are fun date ideas, I find them to be pretty generic… every couple has done them before.

But there are so many unique date ideas out there!  See if any of these date ideas sound appealing to you:

– watching the colors of the sky change throughout the course of the day; starting with sunrise and ending with sunset (best when above cloud level – helicopter ride)

– taking pictures of interesting things while on your date (pictures don’t have to be very serious, but they should invoke some kind of emotion – perhaps a butterfly passing in front of you while on your date)

– giving each other massages (at home or even outside!)

– watch the clouds roll by during the date; take pictures if possible

– play chess or get creative by setting up dominoes into designs that represent things about your date

– get your date wet; either with water guns (be creative and make them yourself!), sprinklers, etc.  Try it during nighttime when it’s pretty!

These date ideas are all unique and can be done anywhere. You don’t need to spend money on dinner or planning the date; just find simple activities both of you would enjoy!

I hope this article has inspired you to do something different with your date nights. Let me know what creative date ideas you guys come up with!

Until next time, I’m Ellie 🙂 ~~ Editor’s Note: The date ideas were found on the internet; none of them are original date ideas (I tried my best, but I could not find any information about where they originated). The date idea about watching the clouds roll by during the date was taken from a television show I watched earlier today. Don’t forget to tell her why she is so special to you in that special moment!

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