unique date idea : Check Out A Live Music Venue

When you think date night, what comes to mind? Is it a night filled with dinner and a movie? Or perhaps a romantic walk through the park?

You might want to consider checking out a live music venue for date night! One of the great things about seeing live music is that it appeals to all different types of people. Even those who aren’t big fans of live music will appreciate the beauty in watching musicians play their instruments as an audience.

If you’re planning on going to a date night show but don’t know where to go, here are some tips:

– Look no further than your town or city! Check online for local bars or restaurants that host live music. These venues usually don’t require cover charges and have drink specials, so it’s a triple win!

– Another date night option is to go to a festival. This is especially exciting if you and your date have never been to one before! Check out your local music scene for dates and times of festivals. Some examples are: The Old Town Music Festival , West End Fair , and the Red Wing Roots Music Festival .

– If you’re over 21, definitely check out a bar that hosts live music. Not only will there usually be drink specials going on throughout the date night, but these venues also usually encourage dancing! Now that’s something you don’t see every day. For example, The Ugly Mug in Lawton has weekly live folk bands that play from 8 p.m.-11 p.m. every Wednesday night !

– Sometimes date nights can be expensive, so here’s an option to keep in mind: listening to live music on the radio! Many local bars and restaurants have rooftop or outdoor areas where patrons can enjoy live music while drinking or dining. This date night doesn’t cost you any extra money, but it’s still just as fun! One example would be Sipps Coffeehouse , which is located in Pensacola Beach and has regular live tunes each Saturday .

Unsure of what songs to request? Here are some date night favorites that will definitely get your date dancing (or at least tapping their toes). Other musical suggestions include John Mayer , Stevie Ray Vaughn , The Band Perry , Jimi Hendrix , The Rolling Stones , Crosby, Stills, and Nash…you get the picture.

Get out there and check out some live music for date night! After all, date nights don’t have to be extravagant or overly romantic all of the time. Sometimes they can be simple date nights like this one that still make for an unforgettable date night experience.

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What are some of your favorite date nights? Do they include live music? Let us know in the comments below!

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When you’re a date night destination blog that gives dating advice, sometimes you get questions that aren’t about date nights at all. Sometimes people want to talk about real issues – things like depression , anxiety , divorce…and date night destination’s got your back.

I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety disorder when I was 19 or 20 years old (I can’t quite remember). Every now and then, as life tends to do, things happen. Some of those things trigger the date night destination blog to get even worse than it normally is – like insomnia , overwhelming fatigue , and feelings of worthlessness .

This article is about date night destination dealing with date night destination’s own mental health issues; it’s about keeping date night destination alive for you guys! Sometimes date nights aren’t date nights at all, but a way for us to breathe & take a break from reality. We hope this article helps you understand how important taking care of yourself can be – even when you’re date night destination.

If date night destination could leave just one message in this article, it would be: DON’T GIVE UP – EVER! date night destination is here for you and we won’t ever give up on date night destination or date night ideas .

We hope this article helps date night destinations with their own mental health issues, and we hope date night destination stays healthy too. And most importantly…we hope date night destination always has date nights and date ideas 😀

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