unique date idea : Compete In A Bar Trivia Night

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single in possession of a good fortune must be in need of a date to trivia night.

With the newest instalment of the Avengers movie just around the corner, Marvel have been on everybody’s minds – and not just because they’re going to release an article on how their team would fare against DC characters.

With all this excitement about superheroes who possess superhuman abilities, it might seem silly to some people that those with human talents can feel inadequate – even though there are quite literally normal humans competing alongside them. But the real question is: which superhero would you want as your trivia teammate? Here are ten possibilities:

10) Iron Man

Tony Stark : 14

Robert Downey Jr. is worth $200 million, which makes him the highest-earning Avenger, and it’s easy to see why; his witty charm and personality make him stand out in a team of otherwise rather serious people (not including Thor). He has an IQ of 300, so he would no doubt be able to answer all the questions on maths without any problem at all.

9) Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff : 12

is a woman of many talents: she speaks over six languages and holds two PhDs (science and international relations). She is fluent in interrogation, sabotage and computer hacking – all of which would be helpful on the bonus questions round.

8) Captain America

Steve Rogers : 10

Speaking about those with human talent; it doesn’t get much more human than Steve ‘not as good as The Hulk’ Rogers. He was formerly scrawny and weak, but now commands superhuman strength through his diet of nothing but freshly-squeezed oranges – so he will definitely have no trouble beating his opponents in arm wrestling competitions. His determination is second to none, so I’m sure he’d be able to answer all questions relating to determination.

7) Spider-Man

Peter Parker : 9

Spider-man is the only character in this list to rely solely on his wit and intelligence, like Iron Man. He might not have any superpowers (unless you count the ability to cling onto walls), but he makes up for it with his exceptional knowledge of science; he was even able to develop technology that can stop an entire alien fleet dead in its tracks, which would definitely come in handy during bonus questions rounds where there are no other teammates around to help him out. Plus, points must be given for ingenuity!

6) Hulk

Dr Bruce Banner : 8

Ever wonder what would have happened to if he’d been born to Anthony Stark instead of General ‘I don’t always play well with others’ Ross? Well, the reason that he gets on so well with Stark is because they are both geniuses; Banner actually has a masters degree in biophysics (yes, you read that correctly), and this combined with his brute strength makes him an incredibly deadly opponent.

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