unique date idea : Create A Time Capsule

“Hey, come check this out!”

“What’s up?”

“I just found a date idea for us. We’re going to create a time capsule!”

“That sounds like fun!”

  This date idea will be an event that people want to tell their friends about the next day! Plus it only takes one afternoon and you can begin right away! All you need is some poster board, markers, pens or pencils (depending on the childrens’ ages), scissors, glue sticks, string or twine, tape and an empty box – Possibly something shiny if you want to decorate it.   If you are working with younger kids like toddlers or younger elementary students feel free to make it easier by having them color pictures of date ideas.

Decide on the date of your date idea, date night or date day! This date works well for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays or you could even make it a date tradition if you do this more than once. You can also plan to do it on the same date every year to create an annual family keepsake!  You’ll want to keep some things in mind when planning your date. What is something that people currently have trouble remembering? Try to choose an answer that will still be hard to forget in ten years so future generations can learn about the past. Ten years might seem like a long time but it will fly by – Especially since you are creating this together as a couple! If your date suggests a date idea that you don’t think will be hard to remember, but they insist on it, let them do so. It is important for future couples to have date ideas to look back on and laugh at how much fun they were having or something similar.

The date of your date idea can also depend on where your family lives. If you live in a place with snow which means shoveling could be an annual tradition then shoveling would be a good date night! If you live in a warmer climate where it doesn’t snow then maybe the date of the event could feature raking leaves into a big pile because everyone hates raking leaves as much as shoveling! You might want to ask family members what date ideas are memorable to them.

            Once date night comes around it will be your time to shine! You can finally display your date idea work in a creative way. Start by creating a poster with the date of your date on it and have children draw or color pictures of ideas surrounding that date. If you don’t want to spend extra money buying construction paper, which is pretty inexpensive at any store, ask family members for old newspapers they no longer need because you can use the newspaper as an alternative .    If anyone has had a good date idea that they’ve done before then let them share their story while drawing a picture next to the date of their date idea. Then talk about why this date idea was and how it could help future generations learn about the date.

Once you have created your poster take it inside to start decorating your box. The outside of the box should be decorated with pictures or information about date ideas! If there are younger children who can’t draw than they can tell you what date idea is their favorite and you two can draw it together. It’s a great way for them to learn how to draw! After all of this hard work it will be time to put everything in the box and seal it shut until ten years from now when future generations can open up your date night treasure . You might want to write a date on the top of the box so everyone knows when it needs to be opened. That date could also depend on if you want future generations opening up your date idea box on the date it drops out of the time capsule. If you are making this date tradition every year, make every date different to keep things interesting! You could even make one date night related to a holiday or season for example Halloween date night, Christmas date night or Easter date night and so on.

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