unique date idea : Decorate A Christmas Tree Together

Date night is a must, but date ideas can run out fast. This date idea is simple and unique enough to earn top spots on the date calendar all year long.

To make this date more romantic consider adding some hot chocolate or cider to your date plan. Your date might also appreciate your efforts if you bake some Christmas cookies in advance and brought them along to decorate with (like sugar cookies or gingerbread).

What You Need: Supplies for decorating the tree; During winter time, fresh evergreens are usually available at most grocery stores and flower shops. If not, artificial trees can also be purchased from any home goods store on during sales after holiday seasons.

Who It Works For: Anyone who loves Christmas! Although it is a date idea, this date is also suitable for families during the holiday season.

Best: Best date night of the year! If you’re looking to add some fun and intimacy into your relationship this date will get you both in that Christmas spirit while spending quality time together. Worst: A dry tree (no pun intended). If you decided against an artificial tree make sure to water it daily and plan on regular date nights not just during December.

How To Make It Happen: Pick which date night works best for your schedule and ask your date out in advance if it’s a special occasion or for setting up the date itself. Decide in advance how long you want to spend decorating the Christmas tree so that there are no unnecessary distractions.

Decide in advance if you want to make it a date-in or date-out. For date-in, bring along some of the things that go on the tree (like tinsel) and snacks while date-out would mean buying all necessary supplies before hand. Set up your date night by picking out some Christmas music, making hot chocolate or cider, baking Christmas cookies , getting out some Christmas movies or TV shows to watch together. Remember this date is about spending time with each other so be prepared to have fun! If decorating the actual tree seems like too much work for one date night try dividing tasks between taking turns setting up the lights and placing decorations throughout the tree.

After finishingating the tree set aside some date time to double date with your date’s date or friends.

What NOT To Do: Don’t force the date if it doesn’t happen to be a date outside of December. Instead find some other fun date ideas for during this cold season!

Buy an artificial tree without checking ahead of time for recalls on that specific model. If you want to be completely safe, purchase a new feathered-lookalike tree made from non-drop pine cones. The current recall list can be found here .

Don’t buy the first tree you see just because it is about 40 percent off! Compare trees beyond price and remember that the priciest one isn’t always the best. Besides, many Christmas tree lots have small signs saying “Last Year’s Tree For Sale” with the date of the original price. If you’re date night is in late January, buy that year’s tree for 50 percent off and decorate it together!

Don’t pick out a real one if your date has an allergy or other health condition that makes touching or chopping down trees difficult. There are plenty of date ideas that don’t need to involve nature, so try googling some other date ideas.

Don’t forget to clean up after yourself! All those needles can be very toxic to rugs and floors, so place cardboard underneath the Christmas tree stand before setting it up at your house. Check your vacuum cleaner bag frequently throughout December because conifer needles clog vacuums quickly making them useless during the date.

What To Do: Pick a date and time convenient for both of you and your date’s date if applicable. Ask each other out in advance, but only plan the date in full one day in advance so that it can be spontaneous too! If using decorations from previous years is an option, all the better because you’re economizing on date costs and also reviving fun memories together. If buying new decorations, remember to buy only what you need when shopping for Christmas trees or any other holiday supplies.

Head out to your local Christmas tree lot or check out some great locations where you can pick a tree with your date here . Once there enjoy a romantic sleigh ride through the lots choosing either an artificial or real tree together.

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