unique date idea : Find Constellations During A Starry Night

There are tons of date ideas out there to choose from. They can be expensive, time-consuming, and just plain extra. Sometimes you just need a date that’s simply exciting, fun, interesting, or all three.

If that date also happens to be cheap enough for an everyday person on any budget to enjoy it at any time they want? Even better! That date idea is star gazing – spending some time together outside looking up at the night sky.

For the sake of brevity here are two moves you definitely should not make during date night before settling down with your date for this unique date idea: 1) Don’t schedule anything else on the same day/night because your couple date will take longer than expected – unless the date is running over its time limit, in which case your date will still be able to enjoy it. 2) Don’t make the date all about you unless when they ask “what do you like about stargazing?” (whereupon you can say whatever you want because this is your date and not theirs). Instead, focus on asking them questions too – remember the best dates are the ones where both people get to have fun!

Some things that might happen while date night is happening: 1) You may see a shooting star! 2) If very lucky/diligent/lucky enough you might briefly see some of the lights from an airplane or two passing by overhead. 3) Some stars are brighter than others so if date night happens when the moon is out they may be able to spot the craters on the moon. 4) You might see a planet or two in addition to some stars. Bright planets are visible with the naked eye but dimmer ones still shine through if you know where/when to look! 5) The date will end right when it’s getting colder outside so date night turns into date cuddling in your date’s car, or date cuddling inside someone’s house watching TV instead of spending time outside under the stars – which is also an option.

So date night is happening and you’re not sure what to do? Here are some date ideas:

A self-guided date where one of you finds constellations and explains them to the other person. You can: A) Find constellations on your own (with or without a map/chart/app, using this article as reference) B) Look up constellation “tours” online before choosing which one you want to follow C) Give your date the freedom of finding the constellations themselves

If looking for constellations on their own here’s how it works: 1. The North Star (the brightest star in its constellation, also known as Polaris), if visible, will always in the same position so it can be used to find other stars. 2. The North Celestial Pole (which points directly at Polaris) also can always be found in the same place in the sky, so it too holds a secret – the line drawn through both “Poles” will point out where all constellations sit on the enormous dome of stars around us 3. If date night happens when the moon is visible you can use that instead of/as well as Polaris for finding constellations if date night is happening late enough that date night turns into date cuddling and one of you just gets up from date cuddling to look at the moon through a telescope set up outside date cuddling location 4. The time of year will affect what constellation are visible so date night might be date astronomy date depending on what constellations are available to see.

For date night choosing one constellation tour so your date knows exactly which ones they’re looking for, you can do one of two things: A) One person looks up the location of stars on the map (and the moon if it’s there) while date night is happening – that person then points them out to date other person who will then use that information to find/remember them B) One person draws a picture of some common constellations while date night is happening and shows it to the other person while date night happens – this way both people know where everything is supposed to be at all times

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