unique date idea : Have A Video Game Night

When date night rolls around, your date decides where to go. If you’re looking for date idea  alternatives, consider hosting a video game night at home with friends and family. It’s one of the most unique date ideas out there!

If you decide on hosting this type of date night, then you’ll need to do some planning ahead of time. You want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves, not feel overwhelmed by too much work. A good date idea is about making time for each other; it doesn’t matter what you do as long as both of you are enjoying yourself. Here is how to make sure that your video game party will be successful:

·          Buy or borrow classic games like Mario Kart or Super Smash Brothers

·          Create a date night schedule for the date. This way your guests know what to expect and when to show up, whether it be dinner first or after a few games of Mario Kart

·          Some things you can do before your date include going shopping for snacks, drinks, plates and napkins. You may also want to consider purchasing cups for people who would like something other than soda with their meals. The price range for this date depends largely on how extravagant you make the date night. If you buy everything from scratch then it is likely that you will spend more money than if you were to purchase already made food items from the grocery store. The date itself only costs about $5-10 which includes any food items you buy.

·          If the date night includes dinner then it is recommended that you go out to eat instead of eating at your house because this way everyone can remain at your date until after they are done with their date gaming. This date idea involves inviting friends over for a night of video games, snacks and fun. While creating these video game date nights, make sure to spend quality time with each person. Spend some time teaching them how to play the game or take turns playing the game during your date night.

If any of your guests are easily frustrated by losing at the games, then consider putting only one player on each console so that no one feels bad about their or lack thereof. Afterward, consider playing Mario Kart with teams so that nobody is left behind. If you have any games on the Wii system, this date idea would be perfect for it because of its motion sensor feature which brings more life to date nights.

·          Now that your date night’s logistics are taken care of, all that’s left is for you and your date to enjoy yourselves! This date night  idea  can leave everyone feeling satisfied when their date comes to an end. You can even purchase a mini-pizza oven or Mexican takeout for added convenience in preparation for the date. Overall, this date idea will make sure every household has plenty of fun memories!

notes: I think not having the date at your house is important because of the cooking/cleaning you have to do. If you can, try to pick a date night where everyone is out and about. There are so many date ideas that focus on food, but not this one!

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