unique date idea : Interview Each Other

Ever go out with someone who is just too easy to talk to? If you date the same person for a long time, that’s probably what happens. Suddenly dates become less date-like and more interview-like, as your date asks you questions about yourself – which are answered honestly since you already opened up enough to date this person in the first place. You date to date, not interview, so try something new on your next date night: switch the script and interview each other!

1st Interview

The 1st date is simply an information-gathering date. Both parties ask standard first-date questions like “What do you do?”, “How long have you lived in this city?”, “What do you like to do in your free time?” You learn a bit about the date and determine if you’d like to date this person again.

2nd date: First date follow-up questions

Your date asks follow up first date questions, such as “How was your weekend?” and “Did you have fun last night?”. This is where things can get just a little more interesting than learning that your date likes spaghetti as much as you do – pose some follow up interview questions! Get past the small talk and ask those deeper questions. For example, instead of asking how their weekend was, ask what they did during the weekend . It’s always better when dates lead to good conversation rather than awkward silence.

3rd date: Let date ask questions

On the third date, switch things up. It’s your date’s turn to interview you – they get to ask all of the questions this time! Don’t let them get away with just asking about your job or favorite movie though. You should have some fun answers prepared too – these are date nights after all.

4th date: Role reversed

For date number four, it’s your turn to ask all of the questions again. This time, make sure to ask follow-up date questions for last date. For example, if you talked about how much you like Italian food on last date, then this date is a prime opportunity to find out what kind of pasta dish their favorite restaurant serves .

5th date: Debrief

After date number five, it’s probably time to go ahead and decide if you want a second date. Right? Right! This your chance to debrief about the date, as long as a follow-up date doesn’t happen right away. At this point in the relationship things should be going well – or at least going enough that both parties are open to something new. So don’t be afraid to ask questions like “How’d you like our date?” or even more revealing questions such as “What was one thing we could have done on date night to make it better?”. It’s always easier for people talk about their feelings when they know they do not have to worry saying the wrong thing.

6th date: Relationship review

After date number six, you can talk about your date night date. During this date, both parties should ask one another “What would you like to do on our next date night?” and “What is one thing we could do differently on our next date night?”. There’s no need to get too specific here – that’s what the debriefing date (or 5th date) is for. Simply share some new ideas with one another. This is also the perfect time to learn if having second date feels right or not . It may sound odd, but it never hurts to be sure when it comes down to finding a great relationship with someone special. If there are some activities you’d love to suggest in date number six, you can always ask if date number seven is a date night activity.

7th date: Future date suggestions

In seventh date, talk about future date plans – especially when it comes to something both parties would like to do in the coming week . In eighth date, discuss ways to make date night better in future days – which could include adding new activities or removing some of the activity that were done on previous dates for variety.

9th date: Wrap up

By date 9 it’s time for wrap-up discussion with your date. Ask each other what they thought about all of the dates and questions throughout night one and two. Feel free to share concerns or give praise where needed without fear of spoiling future dates ( date number 10, date number 11, etc..). By date 14 or date 15 it’s time to really think about if you have some type of potential with each other.

1. How was your weekend?

3. Did you have fun last night?

2. What was one thing we could have done on date night to make it better?  4. What is one thing we could do different on our next date night?

5. How’d you like our date date night date?

6. What would you like to do on our next date night date?

7. What activity would you like to suggest for future date nights? 8. Do you think having a second date is worth it?

9. I really enjoyed date night date date date date date.

10. What was your favorite part of date night date date date date date? 11. I’m looking forward to rigorously investigating datenightdate 12th dates in the future, because it will be a lot of fun to get to know you better through our shared activities and interests . Let’s meet tonight for a fresh set of each other memories! 13. It was fun getting to know you better with our second date night dates – something tells me we’ll make great long-term partners (if this continues). 14. So, where do you want us to go on next Tuesday?

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