unique date idea : Play Along As You Watch Game Shows

Playing along as you watch game shows is a date idea that’ll have your couples laughing no matter which show they’re watching.

From the ABC hit “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” to the classic “The Price Is Right,” there are plenty of options for dating night entertainment.

  If you’re the type of couple who likes to turn their brain off and get lost in a fictional world, move on from here and go date one another at trendy restaurants or take part in silly date night ideas like paint night and ice skating .  

However, if you and your partner love trivia and want to work together toward a common goal — maybe even come away with some new knowledge — this date idea is for you!

Here’s what you need to know about date night game shows.

Finding A Game Show To Watch

First things first, you’re going to need the date night staple: a date idea!  Are you taking your date bowling?  Is it date night at the movies? Or are you grabbing drinks with friends ? Regardless of where you go or what you do, make sure it’s TV appropriate.  While there aren’t rules about what kinds of shows are date appropriate, if your partner is under eighteen, be sure to check what you would like them to watch before watching together.

There are plenty of game show options on television today that would be perfect for date night entertainment. First off, let’s talk ” Who Wants To Be A Millionaire .”  For those who don’t know, this show is a fast-paced trivia game where contestants answer multiple choice questions for increasing cash prizes.

You can find ” Who wants to be a Millionaire? ” on Playstation Network and iTunes among other platforms. The show is also available via Hulu .  The verdict? This date idea is great!

There are also plenty of different versions of the popular British game show ” The Weakest Link .”  If you missed out on this one in high school, here’s the gist: your date will determine who among them is the smartest, funniest or most interesting person based off predetermined criteria.  This date idea might not be as fun if you have an overly cynical date – unless you have a date night activity ready for afterwards – but it’s perfect for those who’re eager to recognize their date’s best qualities.

The Weakest Link  can be found on several streaming platforms, including Playstation Network and iTunes .  It is also available via Hulu .

If you need more options, there are plenty of other date ideas out there that’ll keep your brain engaged as well as your spirits high. There’s ” Beat The Geeks ,” a trivia show featuring contestants from geeky backgrounds, which can be watched on Netflix . You might want to consider date night at the movies or going bowling , where you can easily brush up on pop culture knowledge before arriving at the theater or alley.

Another date idea is the classic game show ” The Price Is Right .”  This date option is perfect for those who like trivia but don’t want to think too hard.  

The date will consist of figuring out how much different items cost, racing to put your prices on the board first and engaging in some playful banter with your date about whether or not you’re right. This date can be found on Hulu .

There are lots of other game shows that friends and couples can enjoy together on date night. Although it isn’t as popular anymore, there’s also the recently rebooted ” Press Your Luck ,” where contestants place bets on tiles they think will bring them more money; this date idea is available via Playstation , iTunes and Amazon Instant Video.  If you’re a fan of this specific date idea, see if your date’s into it by watching a few episodes together.   

A note from me: all date ideas I have found are available on either Playstation, iTunes or Amazon instant video…or some combination thereof. It is not necessary to purchase a whole season! A few episodes will do the trick and save you some money. Just make sure whatever date option you choose has shows both of you haven’t seen before so there aren’t any spoilers!

Hey guys!! Thank u for following my blog!! Lately I’ve been getting comments asking where the daily date ideas come from bc they feel like repeats from about six months ago when I first started this blog.

I’m not sure when or why previous date ideas went away, but it is true that I don’t post date ideas everyday anymore. Right now I’m in an in-between year of school so my focus has shifted.  However, date ideas are still very much on my mind and I want to find a way to post date idea posts more often! So please stay tuned for more date ideas coming soon! If you have date idea requests or suggestions of games/shows to watch together on date night, send me an email at punctualpractice@gmail.com Thank u xoxo!!!

ps: who else misses fred savage?? ;(

Title: Keep score to see which of you could be a Jeopardy! champion.

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There are lots of date night options available for new couples who want to get their brains moving on date night. One date idea is playing along with your date while watching a game show.

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