unique date idea : Watch Karate Videos And Learn Basic Moves

Because date ideas can be hard to come up with, we decided to give you a date idea that is both unique and fun.

You may date your significant other when you want; it doesn’t always have to be an official date night. But sometimes, the date nights you plan/suggest turn out bland and un-noteworthy. This date idea will spice things up and leave no room for dull date nights ever again!

While it might seem odd or unpopular at first to watch Karate videos online together, it actually makes for a great date night. If you’re not familiar with karate moves just yet, don’t worry about it – this date idea works perfectly because all you need is the internet. The following article gives step-by-step instructions so you can date your significant other while learning basic moves all at the same time.

A date idea that is both unique and fun!

The date begins with a call to action that suggests date night, or allows for spontaneous date nights. The date itself will consist of watching karate videos together online, but know that if anyone has any bad intentions they’ll be risking their own safety. It’s an overall cute date idea. Date ideas are meant to be non-traditional!

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For this date, make sure one of you has an account on YouTube . If not, create one – it’s free and easy! Once you have confirmed which of you actually has access to a YouTube account, the date begins.

Search for “karate” on YouTube and you’ll find many results of karate moves to choose from. There are also other videos that will contain information about karate dojos in your area, or karate classes that are open to enrollment. You can find all kinds of resources available on YouTube regarding learning basic karate moves for free!

Be sure to pick out at least five videos to watch together. They don’t have to be all related – they just have to show some type of basic karate move being performed by someone other than yourselves. This date idea works because it not only gives you something fun to do while spending time with each other, but it’s also informative and insightful. You will learn something new, and date your SO at the same time!

Photo by Nathan Rupert via Flickr Creative Commons

Once you have chosen five videos to watch together, sit down with your significant other and start watching them one-by-one. You can take turns choosing which videos to watch – just be sure that whoever isn’t choosing a video to watch also has an opportunity to choose before the date ends. If you need help deciding which ones to choose, here are some examples of basic karate moves: front punch , side punch , roundhouse kick , forward kick , and back kick . There are many more options out there; if none of these work, try looking up “top 10 karate moves” or something like that.

The date can be as fun and enthralling as you want it to be. You don’t necessarily have to watch the videos too carefully, but if you really enjoy one of them perhaps you’ll try learning more about that specific move later on. Or maybe your date night will inspire a new hobby for both of you! Whatever option works best for those who are participating in this date can surely come up with something creative and uniquely special.

Regardless of how this date turns out, watching karate videos together online is a great way to spend time with each other while using a different form of technology than usual. The date may not seem like much at first, but it’s definitely going to surprise of you once the date begins. You’ll have lots of fun, and date your significant other at the same time!

Photo by Henrik Johansson via Flickr Creative Commons

Once date night is over, it might be a great idea to do something related to karate together. It’s been proven that learning new things as a team brings couples closer together. This date idea works because it can bring about wonderful conversations as well as some pretty cute experiences too! In case you’re looking for some date ideas after this one ends, here are 10 Cheap Date Ideas To Try With Your Guy Or Gal . There’s bound to be something new and exciting on this list for you two to try out!

Article by: Jasmine Oliver , Sub-Editor of WhereWhyWhen.

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