Fun date idea : Go sky diving or bungee jumping

Sure, it’ll be expensive. But it’ll definitely be a date that you’ll both remember for a long time. Just make sure that both of you are game, if your partner isn’t into it, don’t pressure them to do it.

You can choose whatever date and location works best for the two of you. Sky dive in Hawaii or bungee jump in New York City? You decide! All that matters is that you guys will have an amazing date when all is said and done.<br>

If this date idea sounds too much like something your partner wouldn’t enjoy, maybe try another date instead?

<!– Optional: Your Partner’s Response –>

<!– Response 1 –>

You know what? You’re right, this date would be amazing. Just think of it! We’d be all cashed out by the end of the date!  </p><!– Optional: Your Partner’s Name –><p>

Wow, I’m surprised you’re into this date idea too! I can’t wait to go sky diving with you.</p>

<!– Response 2 –>

No, sorry dude. I don’t think so… </p><!– Optional: Your Partner’s Name –><p>

I hear bungee jumping is also fun though… maybe next date instead?</p> <!– End “Your Partner’s Response” Section –>

–Brenna and Jarrid, The date was a blast! I don’t know if it’ll be the date we never forget though…

–Brenna and Jarrid, Sure, let’s go do this date idea again. This date didn’t turn out so well… maybe next time?

–Brenna and Jarrid, No way dude, this date is definitely not going to happen. Try another date instead? Your article-making thingie is stupid. end. ____________________________________________________________________

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We have some great date ideas for those of you that are looking to date someone special or even those of you that just want a new date idea every now and then without spending too much money. While date ideas aren’t as important as personality compatibility, they can definitely help if there’s chemistry between two people. Without further ado, our top five date ideas are…

#5 – Go Ice Skating / Ice Hockey This date idea is especially good if neither party has done it before because ice skating is one of the most embarrassing things when both parties haven’t “been in skates before.” But nevertheless, ice skating is a date idea that will definitely be memorable! Ice hockey is similar to ice skating, but it’s less embarrassing because the date can play the game with you (though you probably won’t know how right off the bat). Hockey dates are great if both date partners enjoy physical sports.

#4 – Go Wine Tasting This date only works if both parties like wine. If your date doesn’t like wine, then you might want to try another date idea on this list instead. Otherwise, go wine tasting with your date… It’s a good way to bond over something that both of you may have never done before. Plus, it can lead up to amazing first kisses . #3 – Go on a Food Tour Get out of the house and eat all the food that you want. That’s right—a date on a food tour is about eating all types of different foods. It doesn’t matter what types of foods are included on the date, as long as there are lots of them! Food dates are also good for those dates were both date partners may not have many common interests, because it’s still an activity where you can bond over with your date by eating together!

#2 – Go to Something Educational Some date ideas require money, so this date idea may be costly if either party has done it before. As for educational date ideas , go to the zoo or nature center. Other than that, maybe your local museum is free? Nature centers and zoos great places to learn about the environment, learn about the different types of plant and animal species that are out there, observe them up close, etc. All date ideas on this list are good date ideas if you’re looking for something to do. Go to a museum… go to an educational show… just make sure your date is interested in it too! #1 – Sky Diving / Bungee Jumping Date This date definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. If either party is afraid of heights or has any phobias associated with jumping off buildings or cliffs, then this date idea probably isn’t for you. If neither date partner is afraid of anything though (and both partners don’t mind heights), then sky diving can be one date that never gets old!

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