unique date idea : Be Prepared

A date doesn’t have to be expensive or require a lot of time and energy to be enjoyable. A date really only needs two people, the willingness to get away from distractions and do something together; it can even be as simple as going on a picnic [in some park somewhere]. Pick a date night at least once every month: like New Year’s resolutions, having rules for your relationship will make life more interesting and avoid stagnation in feelings towards each other.

Most times when we go out we end up regretting what we did because we’re always consumed with thoughts about how much better things would have been had we done this instead of that . If you plan ahead, everything will turn out perfect.

As was mentioned already, date nights don’t have to be expensive. You can go for a picnic date in some park near you, or you can just pack your stuff and head out the door on an impromptu date night.

Ready To Go On A Picnic Date?

What do you need to know about going on a picnic date? When it comes to knowing what things are needed for this date idea , there’s nothing else that works better than actually heading for a park with someone special… That said, here are some date night packing essentials :

1. A blanket : This is where the date will take place, so make sure it is comfortable enough for two people to sit on comfortably. Don’t bring your grandmother’s prized quilt or anything like that; cheap blankets are fine.

2. Food : If you’re not the one who’s going to be cooking, just bring cash for your date to go get some food while you prepare the date location. Make sure it is something that everyone will enjoy eating – remember, this date isn’t just about you! You can pack store bought sandwiches, chips and cookies; anything like that will do. It’s hard to go wrong with all of these items. To really impress your date, roast a chicken or bake brownies before the date night!

3. Drinks : Just in case it ends up being hot during your picnic date (which does happen sometimes), make sure to bring along cold drinks for yourself and your date Sparkling water is always a good option, as is ice tea; if you want to go wild, bring champagne with some sparkling grape juice for a festive date drink.

4. Music : This one isn’t so much something essential, but it can really set the mood for your date night. If you have a portable music player or even just a phone with speakers , bring it along! You won’t regret setting up the date location first and then putting on some nice background jazz music to set the mood . It will be very impressive if you are willing to put in this much effort into your date nights!

5. A book : If you aren’t expecting anything physical from your date – no kisses, hugs or hand-holding – then bringing along a book might be a good idea. If your date is willing to read the same book as you, even better! If your date doesn’t like reading , which happens more than you might think, then maybe you should skip this one.

6. A camera : Pictures are often taken on date nights for memories of how it went; don’t forget this essential date night item. Make sure to set up the date location first – pick a place with an amazing view or something else stunningly beautiful – and then take pictures when your date isn’t looking. This will be so romantic when they find out that you took these pictures during your date night, and it’ll impress them too .

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