unique date idea : Go To The Theatre

Are you looking for date night ideas ? The theatre is perfect date night idea! You can dress up, enjoy dinner and drinks before the show. Your date will be tuckered out by the time the play ends so it’s a win-win date if they’re not feeling talkative.


1) Dress to impress . This is date night after all! If you want to cut down on trying to decide what to wear you can never go wrong with black or navy blue suits or cocktail dresses. Complete your outfit with some nice shoes (not sneakers).

2) Enjoy dinner before hand . Eating somewhere nice often requires at least an hour of waiting, which gives you two options – take that time to catch up with each other or sit silently in an awkward atmosphere. Doing something fun before you eat can kill two birds with one stone! Try catching a movie then heading to dinner after.

3) Get to the theatre . Most date nights require men and women to split up (ladies usually shop while guys watch football), so make this date different by going together. This way, you’ll be able to converse in between your date’s performances instead of watching them in silence or texting each other across the room.

4) Enjoy! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show ! Just because you’re date night doesn’t mean that both of you can’t appreciate some quality theater time 🙂

Ladies And Gentlemen Theater Group Gets You Out Of The House When date night rolls around and you and bae are discussing what to do, it can be hard to decide on a date. Shopping? A casual evening at home with take out and a movie? Or something more adventurous like paintball or miniature golfing? How about we mix things up a bit by going on an adventure of our own—one that’s not only affordable but also fun for both of us: theater date! It’s getting me excited just thinking about it 🙂

At Our Friends’ Wedding ‘My fiancé took me to see WICKED when I was in town for his cousin’s wedding. Before the show even started they got down on one knee and proposed!!! Now we have a date planned every year for our anniversary.’ – Mandy

My Parents’ Anniversary ‘I took my parents to a show after dinner one night. My mom wasn’t feeling well so I got her a bottle of water from the concession stand and made sure she was comfortable before I sat down next to my dad. He can get sort of grumpy, but he really enjoyed himself! They even danced in the aisle ’til intermission!’ – Amy

Hang On To Your Seats Friends, theater date is BY FAR the best date idea I’ve heard all day—if not all week. And with this deal it’s an affordable date option too! If you’re interested in checking out this date idea for yourself, keep on scrolling down to see how much your date will cost you .

*This date idea does not include tickets to the show. You’ll need to purchase those separately.

Our Review Of The Show ‘We didn’t know what to expect when we went in, but it was better than we thought! It had a lot of funny moments and my date even laughed at all my jokes :)’ -Bridget

Signed Sealed Delivered On date night, Bridget’s date laughed at all her jokes!! They both enjoyed themselves so much that date night ended with an engagement proposal after the play! And if you think you can get away with proposing without them noticing, think again . That ring is pretty shiny 😉


1) Dress up : am always one for comfort but date night is date night. And date nights mean dressing up so why not try it for one night? You can never go wrong with a classic suit or dress—or you can get creative! Get all dolled up in something that will make bae’s jaw drop when they see you 🙂

2) Go somewhere nice to eat : whether this date idea includes getting drinks before the play or dinner during intermission your date deserves some good eats ! With all the fun date ideas out there, its nice to have one date idea where you don’t need reservations months in advance. So while you’re waiting on line at the box office make sure to check out whats available near by.

3) Enjoy! Once everyone settles into their seats and the lights go out, you can both sit back and enjoy the show. Its date night so you got all dressed up in a classy outfit for a date with your date—so make sure they know how much you appreciate them by telling them after the play is over!

In conclusion: With date night around the corner, whip out this article from your back pocket and give it to bae or s/o before you head out. And remember to have fun with it! Date night doesn’t have to be all about fancy dinners and expensive gifts . Sometimes date nights are just about spending quality time together 🙂

Ladies And Gentlemen Theater Group Gets You Out Of The House When date night rolls around and you and bae are discussing what to do, don’t be surprised if date night becomes date day. That’s because date night isn’t complete until you’re both stretched out on the couch—passed out from a long day at work. And that’s where date night ends . Here at Unique Daily Ideas we want you to have date nights every day of the week so whether it’s date night or date day here are some idea for things you can do other than sleep:

*** 1) Go To The Theater With Your S/O Theaters seem to be going extinct these days as more and more popular shows sell out faster and faster each year. So when those tickets go on sale it feels like playing the lottery just to get a seat . It seems impossible for two strangers to win, but it just takes a date to change that…

2) Make A Reservation For Dinner Really any restaurant is going to do. But wherever you choose to eat dinner will have the added benefit of being a great date idea . There’s nothing cuter than watching someone sip from their water glass with their pinky out or when they try and take the last roll on the table (only for you to squish their hand). Plus there’s always an awesome chance your date orders something crazy like fried eel or beef tongue…which comes in handy next!

3) Get To Know Each Other Better Conversation starters are one of the greatest parts about date ideas , because no matter how awkward silence can be bad date stories trump all. But date ideas have a way of giving you something to talk about. What better date idea is there than going to the theater? Face it, you’re stuck with each other for a couple hours so might as well make it worth your while right? Plus date stories are always a hit at parties or job interviews…

4) Go Home Together If you don’t, then someone totally misread this date idea . But if both parties did get their signals crossed and no one asks for a ride home then that’s just awkward date stories waiting to happen. So walk hand in hand back to your place. One date idea down two more to go!

5) Look at Art Depending on where you live there should be some sort of art museum near you. And date ideas about art seem to be the next big thing , because they’re not just date night date ideas . They don’t even have to be date night date ideas because no one’s forcing you to look at any one piece of art. Though there is a huge chance your date will try and point out which piece looks like an “S” or why that one painting reminds them of their childhood pet. But stare long enough and you’ll start to understand this date idea …

6) Have A Tasting At a Local Market & Shop Around There should be a market near you with all kinds of little shops, cafes, coffee houses and bakeries inside. This date idea is perfect for those days it feels like nothing ever happens. Because date ideas don’t just have to be date night date ideas . So if the weather’s nice or there’s nothing interesting on TV go hang out somewhere you’ve never been before. And if the local market happens to have some free samples…even better!

7) Attend A Local Festival/Crafts Fair/Cottage Market This date idea is all about getting your culture on , because date ideas don’t just have to be date night date ideas . Festivals are full of unique date idea s that won’t cost you an arm and a leg . Plus everyone will want to find out what kind of date night date idea s you had for next time.

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