unique date idea : Have Fun

Romance date idea:

Take your date to a local carnival and experience the fun and excitement of roller coasters, games, food and more. You can play some games together to win each other prizes or compete against one another if you’d like. If you enjoy adrenaline rushes, go on the fastest rides in the park such as “The Fireball” which rotates riders upside down seven times at 60 miles per hour! For those who might be a little squeamish about roller coaster rides there are plenty of other fairground attractions including Ferris wheel ride that gives great views of your date. Regardless of what date activity you choose this is a perfect opportunity for a date because it’s affordable and everyone enjoy themselves regardless of age. You will be sure to spend a date filled with excitement and awesome memories.

What date activity is right for me?

You should base your date on what you and your date enjoy doing together. And keep in mind that dates don’t have to be limited to dinner and a movie. There are many more options such as: hiking, visiting local attractions or even taking a walk around the park and feeding the ducks! Don’t forget that it’s not about spending an outrageous amount of money because there are date activities that won’t cost anything at all. Deciding what date idea is best for you depends on conversation topics, time of day, type of dating relationship you are pursuing (casual vs serious) etc. It’s important to take all of this into consideration.

Ideas to try:

– go see a movie at an outdoor drive-in theater!

– participate in date sports, such as mini golf or bowling! You can’t go wrong with date sports. Everyone loves date sports so it’s always a good idea even if you are first getting to know each other.

– Watch some live music together – everyone can enjoy live music so it doesn’t matter how old or young you are date music is date music! Live music will give the two of you the opportunity to talk and get closer physically (sitting next to each other) without distractions like texting on cell phones. Plus who doesn’t love some date night drumming?    

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– See a local play or musical at a theater – You can learn a lot about your date by seeing how they react to live theater. Who knows you might not hate live theater as much as you think… There’s always something to be said about being exposed to new experiences and dating is definitely an experience!

– Curl up with a book together, whether it be out of love for literature or just because it’s nice the spend time alone together. If this is too boring then challenge each other to a word search competition! Just kidding that would be awkward… who doesn’t love reading books though? everyone does …so adding some romance needs to happen around there.

– Go to a date art gallery. There’s no need to be intimidated by the date because date art galleries are filled with beautiful artwork and there is always interesting information to learn about what you’re looking at; which will help keep the conversation going even if it gets quiet between you two date buddies!

– Take an indoor date hike. This can provide both of you with laughs when one of you falls in the mud, but seriously this date idea is awesome for people who love nature or want to get some outside air. And nature is not only good for your health but also your mental health too! There are many scenic parks around where you live date hiking is a great way to spend some time outdoors with each other… in my opinion outdoor dates are the best date activity.

– Play board games – date night! Board games are awesome date night because it’s not high pressure, you can have some laughs and the possibilities are endless… date board games… date monopoly… date tic tac toe.

Date Night Spots:

                 A day at the beach is always a great idea for a date! Everyone loves being on or near water it’s relaxing, refreshing and an overall good time for both of you to relax on your date without too much planning needed. However if your idea of fun doesn’t include sand between your toes then consider taking a walk around the park together or watching outdoor movies under the star light sky. Also, if you live near by water go fishing together.

– Go for a date hike together  date hiking is a great way to spend some time outdoors with each other… in my opinion outdoor dates are the best date activity.

– Take a date drive or ride down your favorite street or road – this date idea will allow you two to have plenty of conversation and get to know each other on even deeper levels while taking in all that natural beauty around you date drives never go out of style I mean who doesn’t love a good date ride? just be careful not to lose track of your date when going on longer drives!

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