unique date idea : Run A Race Or Go To A Charity Event

Imagine you and your date. It’s a beautiful day; sun is shining, birds are chirping, leaves are beginning to change color as the fall creeps up on you. You both need out of the house for a date date but you’re not sure where to go. So instead of going somewhere that’s crowded with lots of other people, why don’t you try going to a charity event?

You can have a romantic experience while supporting a good cause by doing one of these date ideas:

1. Run A Race

– Or hold hands as you walk/jog around your town! This is especially fun if it’s been raining recently so the ground is still wet from the rain or if there has been snowfall recently so the ground is covered with snow!

2. Dine For A Cause

– Dine at a restaurant that donates part of its proceeds to charity, or conversely, go for date brunch and make it a date to volunteer by cleaning up an area in your community. It doesn’t even have to be expensive; you can do this date on a budget. 3. Volunteer At An Animal Shelter Or Refuge  – You could probably grab some free samples from the shelter beforehand! Go exploring with your date at new dog park or cat playroom/garden/etc. 4. Donate Clothes To Charity Or Visit The Less Fortunate – Your date could come along or not, on how much time he/she has. Or you could ask them to help fold clothes! 5. Get Some Gardening Done  – Plant some new flowers together or just get your hands dirty by helping an elder in your community with their garden. 6. Donate Blood & Receive A Free T-Shirt

7. Go For A Hike

8. Make Your Own Charity Event

9. Have Your Annual Checkup At The Hospital Of Emergency Services Together 10 . Volunteer At Homeless Shelters To Provide Help To Those In Need 11 . Watch Movies And Donate Money That Goes Towards Making Cinemas More Accessible 12 . Find Other Ways To Be Charitable Together 13 . Adopt A Shelter Animal 14 . Letters To Prisoners 15 . Go To A Grocery Store Together And Donate Food That Will Be Used By The Homeless 16 . Go For date coffee, but donate the change to charity or buy something that you can give away for free later on. 17 . Identify Local Community Organizations That Could Use Your Help 18 . Write Letters To The Elderly 19 . Think Of Other Ways You Can Make A Difference In Your Community 20 . Donate Old Books/Clothing/Old tech equipment 21 . Volunteer At Animal Shelters 22 . Adopt A Pet! 23. Take Someone Older Out For date Coffee 24. Support An art Exhibition 25. Scroll through lists like this one and pick something out together 🙂 26. Organize an Event Like The One I Brought Up At #1 27. Raise Money For Charity By Crowdfunding 28 . Take date trips to places that are free or have discounted entry fees 29. Pick A Decent Gala/Party To Attend 30 . Volunteer At Your Child’s School 31 . Get Out And Explore Nature Together 32 . Go On date Trip 33 . Date At Home 34 . Create A Group wherein members of said group do date-worthy favors for each other 35. Offer Free Pet Care 36. Clean The House Together 37. Go For date bike ride 38. Bake Cookies or Cupcakes 39. Write Letters To Local Heroes 40  – Think about things you can do together that give back, like volunteering! 41   Make date cards out of old magazines 42  – This is another great date idea for date at home. 43  – Just make sure you don’t date in bed, lest you get date cooties! 44 . Go to an art gallery 45 . Make date pancakes or date toast or date waffles or date crepes or date chocolate chip cookies! 46 . Find free things to do together that are date worthy 47 . Volunteer To Do Chores For Older Adults 48. Cook A Meal Together 49. Give Your Pet(s) Some Lovin’ 50 . Date Night With The Parents 51. Share Food 52. Sign Up For Classes That Donate Part Of Their Proceeds Towards Charity Or Use You As Free Labour 53. Adopt A Highway 54 . Celebrate International Random Acts Of Kindness Day……

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