unique date idea : Sit By A Lake, Pond, Or River

As the date of your life starts to approach you are likely trying to figure out what unique date idea you should pursue. One date idea that is always fun and never fails to bring smiles, laughter, and contentment are dates by a lake , pond , or river . There are many reason why these dates are great date ideas.

First, it’s not too far away from your home so there’s no need for planning days in advance. Second, they’re free which makes them even better! Third, if you have children then this date idea will be just as fun for them as it will be for adults. And lastly, depending on the activity you partake in once at the lake , pond , or river this date idea can range from easy to strenuous.

For example, if you choose to simply go for a walk around the lake , pond , or river and talk about your future together then it’s easily one of the simplest date ideas there is. However, if you decide to rent kayaks and paddles then that date idea becomes much more strenuous than just strolling along. The date idea that you finally choose will be up to you but I think sitting by the water would be the best date idea in my opinion . It’s easy enough so that you can still get date night done without too much hassle but it’ll still feel like an adventure!

Since this date idea is fairly generic across most bodies of water, I wanted give another date option should the date by the water date idea not fit your liking.

As I mentioned before, this date idea can range from easy to strenuous depending on what you decide to do while at the lake , pond , or river . So, for those of you who aren’t too keen on strenuous date ideas or if your date is older and doesn’t want anything too difficult then we’ve come up with a different date idea for you:

Sit beside the lake , pond , or river and just talk about life. This date idea is very casual and simple which makes it great for all ages! It’s perfect for young adults who want to get away from their phones but not be surprised that they’re date wants nothing more than to sit around and chat with them. It’s also great date idea for older adults who are looking to have a date night without too much exertion or risk of injury!

The date by the water date idea is simply just that- two people taking time out of their lives to sit beside something beautiful and share their lives together. There isn’t anything more fulfilling in this world than finding someone who wants to talk about life with you, whether it be the ups or the downs. This date idea will help you accomplish that goal, I promise!

So take your date by the lake , pond , or river . Sit beside them, get to know each other better, laugh, smile, and enjoy all that life has to offer.

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