unique date idea : Take A Road Trip

If you are both feeling adventurous, a road trip makes for an unforgettable date idea . Road trips inspire people to learn about the world around them and appreciate what they see. You can make your date even more meaningful by visiting small towns or places of historical significance with special meaning.

If you are looking for something fun to do, this date idea is sure to please. It will turn all your date plans upside down! When planning your date, be sure not to focus on getting from one destination to another; remember that along the way, you can learn new things about each other and build memories that last long after the trip has ended.

You may find yourselves taking side roads just so you don’t miss out on anything. If one of you is the planner, plan dates for each destination. If you are both more spontaneous, make your date up as you go along. Either way, here are some ideas to help get you started.

1) Philbrook Museum Of Art In Oklahoma City OK

  A beautiful museum with many sculptures and donated art pieces from around the world, this date idea is fantastic on its own or paired with a meal at one of Oklahoma City’s zen eateries .

2) Go Camping!

  Who doesn’t love getting back to nature? Great for all types of weather, camping is a perfect date idea that can be done close to home or even in another state if you have access to a car.

3) Destination Wedding    

  If you are looking for date ideas in another state , consider attending a wedding. This date idea is appropriate even if only one of you has been invited, and it allows you to celebrate others’ love while spending time together.

4) Tourist Trap

  Some cities have tourist traps designed to give tourists the quintessential city experience. These can be fun date ideas because they often include food, entertainment, and shopping.

5) Outdoor Concerts or Music Festivals

  Summertime in most parts of the world brings outdoor music festivals that are perfect date ideas . Pack a blanket and picnic dinner, sit back, relax, and enjoy your date’s company while listening to great music.

6) Historical Sites Museums

  Whether visiting historical sites or museums, date ideas like these can be educational and fun. Historical sites often provide vivid descriptions of the past you cannot find in textbooks.

7) Visit A Petting Zoo

  Who doesn’t love baby animals? Babies are even cuter when they’re barnyard farmyard babies! Children will enjoy it too, so this date idea is great for families as well.

8) Drive-In Theater     

  The experience of watching a movie under the stars with your date provides an unmatchable romantic atmosphere . If one of you has children who would benefit from seeing a movie on the big screen, take them along too! This date idea is perfect for parents wanting to connect meaningfully with their kids during date night .

9) Beach  Going to the beach is a date idea that can be done on its own or paired with one of the above date ideas. This date idea is great for summertime, but make sure to check weather reports before you leave; beach-goers (and jellyfish!) need to beware.

10) Museum Of Modern Art

  MoMA has something for everyone, and there are several locations throughout the world . Select one that is most convenient for both of you.

11) Spa Day  

  Treat yourselves to some much-needed relaxation. You may prefer the privacy (and lower costs!) of an at-home spa date , but if you’re looking for date ideas in another city, there are spas all over.

12) Try A Cooking Class  

  Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or barely know which end of the fork to use, date ideas like these can be fun and tasty! This date idea is great for couples who are interested in feeding themselves healthily and want to learn how to do so as economically as possible.

13) Local Art Show

  Date night doesn’t always have to involve date ideas outside. Sometimes it’s fun to spend date night enjoying art at your local museum . It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand all the artistic choices; just take pleasure in observing and discussing your date’s responses.

14) Musical Play     Have you ever been part of a production? How simply visiting one? Concert-going date ideas can bring out your date’s artistic side while allowing you to spend time together. If one of you doesn’t enjoy live musical theatre, don’t force it! There are many date ideas that will work for both of you .

15) Wine Tasting

  Whether date ideas include a flight through the nearby vineyards or simply a sampling at a local restaurant , wine tasting is a great way to get to know each other over food and drinks… just remember not to drink too much!

16) Fun Run/Walk        This date idea can be educational, fun, or both. Who knows? You may meet other people on the same date as you! 15 minutes should be enough time for physical activity . Make date ideas like this as fun as possible by dressing up!

17) Flashmob         At Flashmobs , people come together quickly to perform a random act of kindness for those around them. The videos on YouTube and Facebook are always an interesting date idea. They can make you laugh, cry, and everything in between!

18) Sing Karaoke     Whether you sing or not, date ideas like these can be fun and surprising! With the popularity of shows like American Idol , it’s no surprise that more and more bars offer karaoke night . If singing isn’t your forte but you’d still like to try date ideas like these, bring along a guitar or ask someone who has musical talents to join you .

19) Odd Date Night         As the name suggests, date night can be anything you want it to be. At Odd Date Night , date ideas like these are encouraged. Spend date night thinking outside of the box and dedicating yourself to all (or none!) of date idea categories .

20) Game Night      Whether date ideas include a simple board game or something as complex as Dungeons and Dragons , date nights like these bring friends together for hours of fun! With people becoming more and more interested in video games , date nights like this one can sometimes (but not always) be even better than real life interactions with your date!

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