unique date idea : Try An Exotic Foreign Cuisine

Do you date a man who is open to trying just about anything? Then try an exotic foreign cuisine.

Narrow down what you’re willing to eat by making a list of dishes, spices and flavors that your date will be interested in. If he’s never tried curry before, then Thai or Indian may not be the best first date. Instead, try something less overwhelming like Japanese cuisine, which offers milder tastes and seasoned meats so you won’t have to look at slimy sea creatures on your plate. Remember that this date is all about adventure – don’t forget to order something new for yourself too!

However you decide to explore foreign foods date night is sure to be one you’ll never forget!

Date night doesn’t have to be ordinary date ideas, like dinner and a movie.

Check out this list of unique date ideas!


The first date idea for this article is to try an exotic foreign cuisine. Use the example date below as inspiration for your date night:

– Japanese food at a small restaurant with friends who are also open to trying new foods (I’ve tried Japanese before, but not often – it’s probably not too adventurous). Maybe do some appetizers or sushi instead of dinner? And I love Sapporo beers so that would be very welcome 🙂

               A fun story from the date : Dining under the stars on tatami mats at our floor above the street level sounds lovely! You can go explore walk around downtown/shopping, don’t forget to get a crepe from the creperie on your way back. ^.^

The date was really fun! I’ve been wanting to try Japanese food for a while and you were totally up for it, so we went out of our comfort zone and ordered a few new things – sushi with some weirdly shaped fish on top (which I tried but couldn’t eat), some random Japanese appetizers, and shared some teriyaki chicken. It was all delicious! And oh boy Sapporo tastes heavenly after a long week at work 😛

             I thought the date was great too! When we got back home my friend complimented me on picking such an “adventurous date” and he couldn’t stop talking about how much fun you were to hang out with 🙂 Well, date night doesn’t have to be just dinner! We had a lot of fun exploring new foods together. It’s great that you’re so open-minded too, I love trying new things 😀

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The date sounds like it was very nice, thanks for the feedback! ^^ As mentioned in my last post there are really so many different types of dates – dinner can get boring especially if you do it over and over again. This also goes for more “normal date ideas”, such as going shopping or hanging out with friends.

Date night doesn’t have to be ordinary date ideas, like dinner and a movie.

Check out this list of unique date ideas!

The date sounds fun too 🙂 I’m glad you’re open to trying new foods. If he’s willing to go out of his comfort zone to try something new for both of you, then that shows maturity and patience. The date also sounds very relaxed – near the end you both can just continue catching up! Date nights don’t always have to be extravagant or super expensive dates, date nights are time spent with your significant other doing what makes you both happy 🙂 When it comes down to it, sometimes the most simple dates are also the best ones because there’s no pressure or expectations and you get to enjoy your company and revel in the date’s success (:

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll make sure to check out that list of unique date ideas! Have a great day 🙂 Cheers, Reply Delete

I agree, date nights don’t need to be extravagant. I think the date sounds great, and you should definitely try Japanese food if you haven’t before! And, don’t forget about dessert after dinner 😉 Delete

This date is so much fun! Dining under the stars on tatami mats does sound romantic. But tell him not to buy cheap beer for this date. Sapporo has a very distinct taste and it’s worth every penny 😛 Have a lovely day ^^ Delete

What a fun date idea date night doesn’t have to be ordinary date ideas, like dinner and a movie. Check out this list of unique date ideas! Delete

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