unique date idea : Try Ballroom Dancing

Whether you are recently dating or have been with your date for years, ballroom dancing is a perfect date idea that is both romantic and fun.

If you are too shy to ask your date the old fashioned way, try this unique date idea instead!

It is quite simple to get started. All you need to do is visit an online search engine and simply type in “ballroom dance classes” followed by your city name. You’ll most likely be presented with several options within your area.

Once you have found a reputable place to take lessons, proceed to call them up and inquire about their rates as well as any ongoing promotions they may offer. It never hurts to ask if they offer free sessions so that the cost of the date is low.

Next, recruit your date to join you on this unique date idea! After taking a few weeks of lessons, you can schedule an evening out on the town at your favorite speciality restaurant or place to go.

Even if you are not able to dance during the date itself, it’s still fun just to be in formal wear and only stay for an hour or two before going home. This way, you get what many people call “practice” for when you two have a little more time later that night!

With enough practice and perseverance, I’m sure that after a while both of you will be prepared for almost any occasion that calls for dancing! Just ask yourselves… who needs a gym membership or expensive night club cover when you can have fun while getting in some good exercise date nights at home!?

You’ve been dating the same person for awhile. Try a date idea that’s unique to your city and something you wouldn’t normally do. Learn how to ballroom dance! All it takes is a quick Internet search and some motivation. You’ll be waltzing in no time. See your date smile while practicing together, be ready to impress at special occasion dances, and then make other date nights more fun by continuing to learn “just for fun” afterwards! In addition to being romantic, this date idea also helps shed those extra pounds from sitting on the couch too much during the week.

How romantic is it to dance with your date in formal wear? This date idea may be just what you were looking for.

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