fun date idea: Backyard camping or just go camping

            One date that is fun, romantic, and shows how much you care about your significant other is camping. It requires some planning but it’s very fun for yourself while doing it.

            First before going anywhere buy a tent for two people. Putting up tents can be fairly simple if you make sure to read the directions first or get someone who has done it before to help you. If you do not have any experience at all there are instructional videos on YouTube that can help you get started. Just make sure when putting the tent together there are no holes in the bottom of the tent where rain could leak into or flood it which would ruin your date night! Also consider getting something that has more than one door so both people don’t have to feel crowded while going in and out of the same door.

            Next you should plan a date night. Buy some food or make dinner together, get a movie, get some drinks at a local convenience store, and buy an ice cream sandwich from the grocery store for dessert to share if you’re feeling up to it!  

            If there is no good place around your tent to watch the sun set then try looking into borrowing one from a friend or asking one of your anniversary dates if they wouldn’t mind watching it with you and take photos. If you do go somewhere where sunsets are visible it would be best to bring towels so when getting ready for bed you can lay them down on the ground instead of sleeping directly on the ground.

            Also make sure to bring bug spray! Mosquitoes and other bugs may be trying to get in with you but using some will stop them from coming near you and ruining date night! You should also bring a candle and lighter or matches if it’s not bright enough for you to read your book on date night. There are even portable mini LED lanterns that you can buy for this date night so when it gets darker at least one person won’t have to feel like they’re just sitting there in the dark looking into each others faces.

            On your date try playing games such as I Spy, Twenty Questions, cards, etc. Or maybe even some camping-friendly competitive date night ideas such as who can start the fire first, who can put up the tent faster, who can pack everything up in minutes instead of hours? There are even date ideas with outdoor games you could try. Just make sure not to play any games where it’s too dark to see what you’re doing because injuries may occur if one of the people is hurt!

            If everything is going well and date night isn’t coming to an end yet then consider finding a place for both of you to lay down and look at the stars together. Maybe even bring a blanket or two so you can snuggle while getting comfortable on your date night. After all this fun camping date remember that date nights don’t have to be perfect but they do require effort and trying just like date camping!

            If date night ends then it is time to pack up and go home or if you’re out in the woods it’s time to call it a night. Make sure to bring everything back to where you got it from, maybe even put everything away where you found it cataloging how much time each task took you so next date night date night will be even better since you now know what works and what doesn’t! Camp dates are very fun especially if your date knows how to camp!

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Title: 50 Amazing Date Ideas – tips for dating

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1. A classic dinner and a movie is always a great first date option. No need for fancy dinners just pick your favorite meal and sit down for a date night in! Make the date even more memorable by meeting at your date’s home and not driving anywhere.

2. Try having breakfast for dinner sometime, you’ll love that change of pace!

3. Take an outdoor cooking class together, pick up some new date night recipes to try out on future dates after the date is over.

4. Go ice skating or rollerblading if you live near any areas like these. This date will get your heart racing but will still be fun at the same time! Don’t forget those helmets ladies!

5. If you’re feeling nostalgic take a drive down memory lane and check out all those date spots from when you were first dating each other! You can reminisce about old date memories and even create date night memories to look back on!

6. Plan a date in your own city/town, maybe you will discover new date spots this way.

7. Visit the local library and pick up some books that each of you can borrow to read together, or just find something you think sounds exciting! Once date night arrives read to each other for an hour before bed, cuddle up with your date while reading.

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