Fun date Idea: Go to a VR café / arcade

Think date night is just for dinner and a movie? Think again. Thanks to the rise of virtual reality arcades, date nights can be way more interesting than that. Even if you’re not into VR yourself, there’s nothing like experiencing it together to bring you closer as a couple.

So whether your date prefers FPS games or 3D adventures, here are three fun date ideas for trying out the new trend in date activities:

1) Team up and try co-op games at an arcade: Some people don’t even like playing video games on their own console. Now picture two gamers faced with four joysticks and six buttons each — this isn’t going to be easy! But at least it will make for great stories afterward. There’s a huge variety of co-op games out there, from first person shooters to turn based strategy games. The more difficult the game, the better! And if you don’t plan on actually playing during date night? It’s still fun just watching others try and figure things out.

2) Compete at multiplayer games: Sure beating your date is great — but not everyone can be “the best.” Luckily, competitive date ideas are almost as good as winning together. One popular option is laser tag: you can go old school with arena style laser tag or opt for some futuristic paintball action instead (just watch those splatter shots). This date idea also works great at VR arcades since they typically have awesome light guns already built in – you’ll never have to worry about your date whupping your butt.

3) Enjoy adventures you can only experience in VR: Of course, there are plenty of other date ideas to try outside of co-op and competitive gaming. One popular choice is playing short, narrative games with small, self-contained stories that you can finish in an hour or two. Generally these games focus more on story than gameplay, but they’re still a lot of fun. Plus it’s neat being able to look around the world while someone else dictates what happens next! Just pick something that looks interesting and enjoy the ride together.

4) Try out VR simulators together : If VR sounds way too intense for your date (or you), there are plenty of VR simulators you can try instead. For example, there’s a roller coaster simulator called The Ultimate Roller Coaster that makes you feel like you’re really riding a roller coaster — so it might actually be more intense than the real thing! You could also give a flying simulator a shot. And if your date is less daring, you could even go for something simpler: just check out what kind of VR arcade has to offer and pick whatever sounds fun.

5) Make date night social by going to an arcade with other people: Of course, date nights don’t have to just be about your date. If your significant other would rather do their own thing at the arcade while you play some games as well, this works too. Just make sure they understand you expect them to check in with you periodically! And if date night turns into an impromptu meetup with some friends, that’s no big deal either.

It’s date night — so why not try something brand new? Whether it’s co-op gameplay or social fun, there are tons of date ideas that the VR arcade has to offer. From single player adventures to multiplayer games, you can probably find whatever strikes your fancy. Even better? Trying out something fresh like this will bring you closer together as a couple!

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