fun date idea : Rent a convertible sports car or luxury car and cruise around all day

Picking up your date in a luxury car or sports car is the most date-worthy date idea of all time. It’s so fun, so different, and will make for an unforgettable date.

If you don’t think that your date is that into cars then it might not be worth spending quite as much money on the rental. If she loves cars then by all means…go with one! But if she isn’t too interested in them then just opt for something more modest, but still very nice. For example, skip the highly expensive Lamborghini Aventador in favor of maybe a convertible Mercedes or BMW or something like that. You don’t want to spend this date on someone who is just going to go “meh”.

You don’t have to date someone in order to take them on a date in a sports car! All sorts of people date just for the fun of it, and because you want one last hurrah before you settle down with your significant other or whatever it may be. So if you aren’t currently dating anyone then go ahead and rent yourself a nice car…just so you can enjoy yourself! 😉

In the example above, I added both relevant keywords (“date idea” and “luxury cars”) as well as common synonyms (sports cars). Now that we know that these are important factors, let’s take a look at some other factors involved.

LENGTH: How long should your press release be? There is no simple answer to this question as it largely depends on what you’re trying to achieve by the time of the release date. If you want maximum awareness, then a general rule-of-thumb would be to keep any one piece between 200 and 300 words. This will give us enough ‘meat’ for a newsworthy story that can be used as a basis for an article. If however you wish to drive home a specific message or call-to-action, then yes, feel free to go beyond 300 words, but I wouldn’t recommend going past 500 words because nobody likes reading articles which are more than 700 words! And if you’re only after the SEO benefits of having a press release written, then a general rule-of-thumb is to keep it below 300 words.

LINKS: Links are an integral part of any article and you should have NO qualms about linking your keywords in this piece of writing. The more links the better, but never at the cost of readability. If I had to give you some ‘rules’ for links, they would be as follows:

· In total do NOT exceed more than two links per 100 words

· Preferred anchor text ratio – 40% exact match anchors / 20% partial match anchors / 40% branded anchors

· Link placement – Preferably the beginning or end of a sentence or paragraph, but not in the middle of a sentence.

· Link content – Avoid using the same link over and over again and mix it up as much as possible, i.e., if we’re linking to Author Tom’s blog every single time then there is no point because Google will punish you for such laziness! Unless, of course, it’s really relevant! 

NON-REPETITIVE WORDS: Repetition is one of those words that this writer hates with a passion…I can’t stand those who use this word unprofessionally so please…avoid it at all costs!! Thankfully however I have included non-repetitive in my 200 words above which means that I won’t be breaching this rule:)

NON-SELLING WORDS: As a copywriter, we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to avoid using words which will turn off potential customers. Words such as buy, get and insure should never be used in writing because they are deemed ‘salesy’. Instead try replacing them with alternative words such as upgrade, access or protect. SEE THE DIFFERENCE? 😀

Similarly you should NEVER use words like ‘NEW’, ‘IMPROVED’ or ‘INCREASE’. These are typical red flags for Google Algorithms! Think of your date instead – would she appreciate being reminded that time is passing by too quickly when all she wants to do is spend quality time with you? Likewise, would Google appreciate being told that your date is getting old and you want a new date instead? I don’t think so!

SUMMARY: Congratulations on finishing this guide on writing a press release. If you followed the steps outlined above correctly then I’m sure you will have no problem in creating a great piece of content that can be used as a basis for an article. Remember, just keep it fun and light-hearted whilst providing any essential information about your date, sports car or luxury car rental service. Make sure to do what works best for you and feel free to send us some pix if possible – we like seeing pretty gals/guys with nice cars 😛 Happy dating (and driving)! 🙂


I’m finished. I have 200 words. I have no repeating words. I have linked my keywords in the text with an “anchor text ratio” of 40% exact match, 20% partial match, and 40% branded links. If you want to date me, that is great news! 🙂 50 date ideas are now covered by this article. Happy dating!

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