Unique date idea: Create a new type of dessert together

If you’re looking for date ideas, why not try creating something together? Whether it’s cooking or baking, DIY-ing or painting, date activities that require two people can be perfect ways to spend time with each other and share new experiences.

Shea Tannenbaum, an event coordinator at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science , says date activities don’t have to be expensive. “Give yourselves a budget for date night—five dollars, 10 dollars per person.” It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are together. “I met my boyfriend on a date where we made $20 worth of pizzas at home.” Even if your date activity costs money, it is still more affordable than going out to a movie or another date idea that has a price tag.

“When looking for date ideas, consider your date’s hobbies,” says Tannenbaum. “If he likes art, have him take you to an art opening or if she’s passionate about dance, take her to the ballet.” She also suggests exploring new neighborhoods. “Go on a walk or bike ride in a part of town you’ve never been to before—and then grab ice cream afterwards!”

Planning date activities can feel stressful because it involves thinking up something original and creative, but research shows that being deliberate with date planning leads to having better sex lives . So plan something date-worthy! No need to stress yourself out trying to plan the perfect date night even though this is what date nights are supposed to be. No date night is perfect, so embrace the date-s imperfections and have fun from start to finish!

Why not ask your date what he or she likes to do for fun? If you both share a love for board games , plan a date around that activity—play games before going out for dinner or movies. The date doesn’t have to be expensive because Taco Bell has dollar menu items—and who doesn’t enjoy a chalupa after playing a lively game of Scrabble ? Or go thrifting together. It’s free and it’s like treasure hunting! Go in with the mindset of “I’m about to find an old Barbie doll,” and let get excited when you actually do.

What about trying a new restaurant, one that is date night worthy? There are date-night restaurants all over the country—you just have to find them. “Restaurant date nights can be expensive and time consuming,” says Tannenbaum. “If you’re looking for something more casual and less expensive I recommend brunch.” Brunch dates are perfect because they can be as date night worthy or as chill as you want them to be depending on what kind of food the restaurant serves.

For those who love sports, try going to one together! Even if both of your favorite teams aren’t playing each other, it’s always fun cheering on your team together. It doesn’t matter if there isn’t an actual game; you’re there to support your team, and that’s date-worthy.

“My date and I once played pop-a-shot while we waited for our table,” says Tannenbaum. Play arcade games anywhere—not just at the mall! Go to a bowling alley, an ice skating rink, or the batting cages—all date night worthy activities you can do together! There are also date nights that allow individuals to get creative such as arts and crafts class or learning how to cook sushi . It doesn’t matter if you’re not actually creating anything; it’s about spending time with each other—and eating whatever you create! Whether it’s baking cupcakes or making clay tiles, date activities like these allow people to be hands on and creative together.

Embrace date night with a positive mindset because date nights are supposed to be fun and stress free! When planning, keep in mind what your date likes—whether it is catching a show downtown or going for a hike in the woods. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on date activities if you aren’t comfortable doing so. Date nights will never be perfect, so there’s no need to stress yourself out trying to make them that way. [As we’ve seen in past date ideas , date activities can sometimes be monotonous and lack excitement.]

Date nights should always be fun and memorable, but they don’t require spending lots of money or hours at an activity [ remember ].

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