Unique date idea: Find some cool science experiment videos on YouTube and try them out

So it’s date night and you’ve got no idea what to do. Well, look no further! We have put together a list of cool science experiment videos on YouTube that you can try for your date!

Your date will be able to learn some fun facts while also being introduced to some new foods or drinks from around the world they might not have had a chance to experience themselves. Plus, you don’t even need a huge time commitment. You can spend 10 minutes watching a video and then spend another 20 minutes trying out the experiment together at home!

First up is this explosion of milk . The carbon dioxide bubbles in milk are pretty interesting when they burst – especially if you’re planning on drinking some yourself after this date!

This is the perfect date idea especially if you’re looking for date ideas in Sydney . Let us know how it goes!

Next is this try it at home lava lamp. Whoa, all of the science facts about how these work are so cool! Plus, your date can always pretend they’re a wizard after they’ve tried this out.

You may need to buy some stuff to prepare for these experiments beforehand . But that’s okay – just ask your date to help with the shopping by giving them one of our lists of words to use when grocery shopping  (again, this list isn’t meant for copying verbatim).

And lastly, here’s an experiment on surface tension  – when you break apart liquids like oil and vinegar, the liquids actually get stronger! Who knew?

We think date ideas like this are so fun – it’s sure to be the date of your dreams. And if you’re really into date ideas like this, then check out our list of conversation starters for couples  – guaranteed to get your date talking!

Did you find these experiment videos interesting? Did they inspire any date night ideas? Let us know in the comments!     

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