Unique date idea: Go fossil hunting

Where can you go date hunting? Well, how about looking for fossils? That’s right! Get your date out in the sun and up close to nature. Whether they are into geology or just love being outdoors, taking a date fossil hunting is sure to be an awesome date idea they will remember forever.

Here are some tips before you head out on your date:

Make sure you have good walking shoes because there might be lots of hiking involved. A backpack with snacks, water bottles, sunscreen and bug spray wouldn’t hurt either. Depending on where you decide to go fossil hunting check online or with your local museum first about what kind of fossils are present in the area you will be exploring. This way if you find any cool ones it might be cool to research what they are and where they came from.

And most importantly, ask your date if they’d like to go fossil hunting with you! A date is supposed to be fun and exciting. If this date doesn’t peak their interest it might not end up being as awesome as an experience as you originally planned for it to be. So maybe give them a little background of how fossils came about and try asking them again. Who knows, maybe this date idea will be something that sparks a new interest within them and develops into a hobby for the both of you!

So what are you waiting for? Go date hunting today! Maybe you’ll find some cool fossils together or just enjoy the view on another one of our amazing date ideas in Singapore.

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