Unique date idea: Go to a local fundraising event

Imagine this date: you and your date are sitting at a long table, surrounded by strangers. Everyone is listening to the speakers on stage talk about their cause, which happens to be ending poverty in Africa. Your date leans over and casually whispers “What if we just took some of the money they’re raising?” You lean back and smile while thinking that this person might actually be perfect for you.

Lately I’ve seen more fundraising events than ever before. This is not surprising when you consider how easy it can be to put one together, while also experiencing the feel-good benefits while doing so. If you haven’t heard of these types of events before, Wikipedia lists many different examples , including marathons, dances, walks/runs, auctions, and galas. They can also involve selling items or getting an admission fee to support the cause.

While there are many ways that people could date at one of these events, I will focus on two specific ones—the date auction and the date buffet. These date ideas both allow you to be philanthropic while doing something fun with someone else. Plus you get to eat!

Date Auction

It’s not very often that you hear about a date auction where money is raised for charity instead of dating single people looking for love. Usually, an event like this would raise funds by giving donors “dinner dates” or “dinners with singles” as prizes . It would also usually include other items up for bid such as gift certificates, date packages, dinner for two, etc.

I can’t help but think that date auctions would be a big hit because it could attract people who are looking to meet new people, while also appealing to those who want to feel good about benefiting others. This isn’t limited to date auctions either; date raffles are another interesting variation on this theme. The key point is that you’re bidding money for date items instead of the actual date items themselves .

Date Buffet

Have you ever gone out with someone and then felt guilty about your meal afterwards because your date was stuck eating salad? Not only does the date buffet make both parties happy by avoiding this issue altogether , it has other benefits too. For example, there’s no pressure when it comes to ordering food—you just eat what you want and then you’re done. Plus date items are usually cheaper or free for this type of event, so it’s an even better date idea.

I have a date buffet in mind that benefits local animal shelters, so if you already have another date planned for this year, consider adding on the date buffet as the twist at the end of your date night. All proceeds from the date buffet would go to help animals who need care from foster families or medical attention. Since many people love dogs but don’t necessarily want to own one, participating in an event like this is a great compromise . And this brings us back around to why you should treat your date to this unique experience by hosting it together.

The date auction and date buffet are just two date ideas that I came up with because of what’s going on in my community. Instead of simply complaining about an issue, why not do something to change it? I’m sure that if you asked local organizations whether they would like more date ideas for fundraisers , they would appreciate the gesture. Plus it can be a great date idea in general—whether or not there’s money involved!

So when you think about your next date, consider doing it for a cause . The best part is that when you date at these types of events, everyone wins in the end. Don’t believe me? Ask any charity worker who has received donations from people who were happy after attending their event—the date auction is a win-win date for both parties!


Article body [use to explain your date idea in more detail]: Do a little good on your date and have fun in the process. There are always groups running fundraising events, and they can be a lot of fun. Two date ideas that I came up with because of what’s going on in my community are the date auction and date buffet. In a date auction, people bid money for items instead of dates—it’s really quite clever when you think about it! In this variation, there is no need for singles or “dates,” which frees everyone from potential awkwardness come mealtime. You just eat whatever you want with whomever you want while benefiting an important cause. I’m certain everyone in your date’s family would be more than happy to volunteer their time and efforts in planning and organizing such a date auction in their community, and I’ll bet that there are enough selfless people out in the world who would contribute items for this date auction so that it will be an enjoyable but productive date idea. [link to article about date auctions]

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