Unique date idea : Make a homemade pinata together

Whether it’s for a birthday, graduation, or just any regular day, the pinata is always a fun idea. And now you can make one together with your date.

You will need:  white paper (two pieces of the same size), scissors, glue gun and hot glue sticks (regular household items)

The first step is to cut two identical circles from white paper. You will want them as close to each other in size as possible because we’re going to be gluing them together later and they should match nicely. After you’ve done that, take one circle and fold it into fourths like a piece of pie. Then use those cuts as guides to cut slits all around the circle until you have four flaps. Unfold the slice of pie and you should have a star shape. Repeat this process with the other circle. To make it extra easy for your date, try to choose paper that has already been cut into shapes like these circles–it will make things easier in the long run!

Once you’ve got both stars, place one on top of the other so that they are mirror images of each other. Make sure that when you lay them together, all four points are being held together firmly when glued. From here, just glue along three sides until all four points are connected securely. If any glue is oozing out when transporting the pinata or decorating it later, wipe it off with an eraser or wet rag before letting it dry.    

Now it’s time to decorate your pinata. This is the funnest part! You can let your date do most of the decorating with some guidance or you can take control with some ideas from Pinterest . Here are a few links for reference:

– Bullseye target pinata  <br>- Duct tape pinata  <br>- Cowboy pinata  <br>- Princess crown pinata

After it’s decorated to your liking, just wait for the glue to dry and start filling it up with all of your favorite goodies. Once you have filled the inside with small toys, candy, confetti or anything else you want inside, secure it by taping together any openings left open at the seams. Then hang tight! Party date night is coming soon…or tomorrow if this date idea is a little too involved!

Pinatas make for great date ideas because they usually last a couple of hours and there are many things that can be done besides smashing it. Depending on how you decorate the pinata, you may have to wait for certain things to fall out before even being able to get to the whacking part!

If you’re date is anything like mine, then waiting around for that last piece of candy or toy might be an impossible task. Maybe just hand your date a mallet and let them go at it! Trust me–they’ll enjoy every minute of it. And if they don’t…well maybe they aren’t date material. 

Happy date-ing everyone 🙂

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