first date idea: Catch a sunset

Catch a sunset.

Nothing says romance like spending an evening with someone you don’t know well yet, and one of the best first date ideas is catching a sunset together. It gives you both some time to relax and unwind while providing plenty of conversation topics if things get stilted between you. Plus, it’s just downright beautiful!

As long as the location you choose isn’t too crowded or uncomfortable, it should be relatively easy to relax and enjoy yourself with this first date idea . If the person seems very nervous, try asking them about their favorite type of sunrises or sunsets. This can be a really great first date idea , because everyone likes talking about themselves and their, and they will be soothed by the natural beauty in front of you. You can even ditch talking entirely and just focus on enjoying your first date idea in each other’s company.

Taking pictures is another first date idea that you can incorporate into your sunset experience. Have fun with it, but make sure to ask first if they are okay with being photographed! Plus, the internet is hungry for stock images of sunsets, which you never know when you might need. It might feel a little cheesy at first, but remember that this first date idea is all about having fun together- there’s no right or wrong way to go about it!

This first date idea also works really well if one (or both) of you has recently moved to a new city, for the first time in your lives. Everyone has to work hard when they first move somewhere else, so taking some time out of your busy schedules to see something beautiful can be really rewarding!

And there you have it- first date idea ! Catching a sunset is great first date idea that should put anyone at ease while still holding plenty of excitement and intrigue. Just like the sun itself, this first date idea radiates warmth after all is said and done. So what are you waiting for? Go catch yourself a sunset!

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To make it easier for people reading articles (especially students), I made sure not to use idioms or other language elements that might confuse someone first getting into the culture.

Note that I first wrote this without showing it to anyone, then made improvements with help from my friends. As you read over your first draft, keep in mind how someone unfamiliar with these first date ideas might interpret them. Are there any words or phrases that would make sense only if the reader has had prior experience with first date ideas ? Is there anything you can cut out? Think about what kind of person might be reading this- are they likely to catch one of your jokes? If not, then is it really worth including that joke? Remember that first drafts are supposed to be rough , so don’t stress too much on first writing it on your own! Once you have a first draft written down, show it to a couple friends and ask them for feedback on your first date idea . Ask them how they would interpret what you wrote if they were unfamiliar with first date ideas , or if they had never been on a first date before. Would this first date idea work for someone in their teens? In their 20s? Older? Younger?

This is one of my first drafts that I’m showing to you all- some parts are funny, but most of it will probably end up cut out:

Title: first date idea: going bowling

Keywords to include: first date, first time doing something, bowling, fun

first date

For first date ideas , you can’t do much better than going bowling. It’s fun, it’s casual, and it gets your competitive juices flowing! People who are new to first date ideas might not be used to the idea of first dates yet, but everyone likes bowling.

It doesn’t matter if you’re even any good at bowling- in fact, part of the first date idea is that pretty much anyone can pick this up quickly! The person may or may not end up being awful at it (like me), but that’s what makes first dating so interesting- you never know how things are going to go until they happen for real. Plus, if one of you ends up being really bad at first date , don’t worry- you can always laugh it off and commiserate together.

Bowling first date ideas also work well with first times, especially if the two of you just moved to a new city and don’t know very many people yet. Some first time ideas , such as first time trying sushi, might require an expert’s knowledge, but bowling first date idea is easy for everyone! You can do it without having to consult Zagat or anything like that. Just remember to show up early so that you have enough time to get dressed up first- unless you’re going somewhere fancy afterwards, in which case there’s no harm in showing up looking your worst after all that exertion!

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  After writing my first draft, I showed it to a friend and got this response:

“I first read the first sentence as if you were going bowling for a first date, not as a first date idea. Once I got over that confusion, I was wondering why someone would want to go bowling for a first date. It sounds like a second or third date activity that’s been dragged along into the first date territory.”

  After getting this feedback from my friend, I made some changes:

Title: first date idea: catching a sunset

Keywords to include: first date idea, first time doing something, outdoors

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