first date idea: Do a pub crawl, coffee shop crawl, thrift store crawl, or any other type of crawl you want

If you want to have a first date idea that is low-key, fun, and possibly romantic but doesn’t limit you to one activity then this first date idea is for you. Pick a theme of what kind of crawl you want to do. If the first time I went out on a first date with someone they took me on a pub crawl, so if it’s something people are interested in doing or might know more about first hand then go ahead and choose it first.

Pick your topic first. For example:

A thrift store crawl where each person gets 5 minutes at each thrift store to look at clothes before they move on to the next store.

A coffee shop crawl where if either person likes an outfit or some sort of item that they see then they have to buy it first.

A pub crawl where each person gets a different flavored shot at each bar.


You can pick something you are both interested in, or something completely random where all you do is chat about how it went. This first date idea is perfect for people who want to get outside and explore their town together, try new things, go on adventures, etc. The best part of this first date idea is that if the first time out together goes horribly wrong but you’re still interested then there’s no harm done because clearly it didn’t work out anyways.

List of places: Below are some ideas for places that would be good for certain themes of first date ideas listed above.

A thrift store where you can go to over 100 different stores in one trip is Savers. There are locations nationwide, so it would be easy to find one wherever you live.

Coffee shops: with most first date ideas there aren’t many chains for specific first date ideas around the country, but this is not the case with coffee shops. Starbucks, Seattle’s Best Coffee, etc are found all across America and even worldwide sometimes. Any of these would be good for a first date idea based off of going on a coffee shop crawl.

Pubs: if neither person has ever been to multiple pubs before then it will obviously be harder to choose which ones you’d like best about together; however if either person has first hand experience with this, then it should be much easier to pick multiple pubs that you’d both want to go to.

*List of places for different first date ideas from above*: If you want a first date idea based off of going on a pub crawl then here are some good first dates:

– go to an English pub where they have fish and chips or other traditional British food. Just make sure if 1 person is not eating meat the other one doesn’t mind too much because chances are there will be a dish involving meat at a place like this.

– go to a German bar and get beers together since Germany is known for their beer brewing skills! The Hofbrauhaus in Las Vegas is one example of a specific German bar that people might enjoy.

– get together at an Irish pub where they have delicious foods like shepherd’s pie, leprachaun chicken, etc.

– go to a Mexican restaurant first to split some drinks or food before heading off on different pub crawls around town. Make sure this first part is about getting drinks not too heavy in case someone wants to keep their wits about them for the rest of the night ;).

Thrift Stores: Here are some thrift stores across America if you’d like to go on a first date idea involving going on a thrift store crawl! Make sure both of your phones are charged up though because you could spend hours here! There are also many more other thrift stores besides all these listed if none of these are around where you live.

– Savers is a large nationwide thrift store chain that will have 100+ thrift stores in one place, making this first date idea easy to be able to do no matter where you live! There are locations all over America.

– Mission Thrift stores are also found across the country and can be used for first date ideas involving going on thrift store crawls! Just make sure 1 person doesn’t like something too much or they might end up buying out the whole store (hehehehe).

– Buffalo Exchange is another national chain with many locations; however, it’s not always easy to find exactly what you want there either because there’s so many different types of clothes and you don’t want to waste your first date idea shopping when you could be doing other first date ideas instead.

– Habitat for Humanity is a nationwide chain that sometimes will have multiple stores in the same city! This one may not be too good for first date ideas with people who like thrifting since it can get pricey, but if you’re willing to spend some money on this first date idea then there’s not much harm done either because if this first date doesn’t work out, at least neither of you spent too much money!

– Savers again (double whammy). They just happened to show up 2 times in this article after all these years of them being in business so someone really like them and their first date ideas apparently.

– Buffalo Exchange again (triple whammy). It’s not that they’re bad first date ideas, it’s just that there are SO MANY other first date ideas in this article and so many other first date articles out there in different websites and blogs and magazines and scientific journals and etc. to choose from instead of using the same first date idea over and over again for every first date you go on. This is why we need diversity in first dates instead of making the same ones all the time!

Hopefully you’ll choose to do a first date idea such as going on a coffee shop crawl or pub crawl sometime soon with your next significant other! If none of these first dates above sound like something you’d be interested in doing with your first date, then check out some other first date ideas on this site!

* * *

Article background information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: Pick a theme, plot some of them on a map, and go! Works well with some of the other date ideas like renting scooters or bikes to ride around town. (There are also first date idea maps for other first dates such as first picnic ideas , first beach day ideas , first ski trip ideas , first hiking trip ideas , etc.)

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