first date idea: Do some wine tasting at a local vineyard or wine tasting festival

First dates can be tough. You want to make a good first impression, but not be too casual (or too formal). What do you talk about? There are no rules really, it’s all in your own personal style. Of course there are some first date must have’s—like getting to the first date location on time, being well groomed, decked out appropriately for whatever you are doing or will be doing that day.

But where to go? Where to take someone on a first date is important because it sets the tone for what both of you might have in common. This article is going to focus on wine tasting as a first date idea .

Wine tasting has become increasingly popular in Asia nowadays due to the growing awareness of good wine and the increasing interest in wine culture. To many, it seems like a first date activity that is fun and interesting, but not too much commitment for either party.

But first things first:

Do some research! Lot’s of vineyards/wineries offer first time tasting experiences—some charge a small fee to try their wines (usually under $10), and others may provide an appetizer pairing with your first few tastings. This can be a nice way to break the ice and meet other people as well if you go with friends or on dates. You can always bring more friends along later, but first impressions are everything after all!

Next step: Get ready! Wine tasting requires that you have some knowledge of what you are drinking. This is helpful because first dates can sometimes be awkward, and wine tasting requires that both parties interact while enjoying the experience. You want to feel comfortable while talking about what you are tasting so being knowledgeable will help open up conversation more easily.

Online research is always great for first time tastings at new vineyards/wineries in your area. Of course if you are looking to go on a first date or already know who you’d like to meet, ask them where they think would be an interesting place for first time tastings—after all it’s more fun with another person!

But what if it doesn’t go well?

Not every first date goes perfectly, and it’s important to be able to set a first impression without feeling bad if the first date doesn’t go well. No big deal—start by trying something new that stimulates conversation, put yourself out there, follow up with a second date (if you want one), but do not push intimacy on someone who is clearly not comfortable.

Take home message:

Wine tasting first dates are unique great for meeting new people while discovering your area and hopefully finding something in common! If you have any first time wine tasting experiences or know of some other first date ideas feel free to share below!

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Article background information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: Always good to support local, and you get some wine in the process! It’s an excellent way to find a new wine you like, plus wine has a way of relaxing nerves.

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