Second date idea: Go to an escape room

Escape rooms are fun, challenging and a fabulous second date idea. Here is what you need to know about escape rooms before taking your next date into an escape room near you.

Escape Room Definition: “Escape rooms invite teams of players into a specially designed room for a one-hour session with the goal of getting out alive.” -Dr Keel

How It Works: The Escape Room experience begins by going over the rules and objectives with your team. You will then be given lockers for coats or bags, as well as a short safety briefing from an employee at the facility. Each time slot lasts an hour, but this time can vary slightly depending on how large your group is and whether or not there are other groups that are booked after you. Each session starts with a themed introduction, either on video or via a “game master” who will introduce the plot and provide clues as to what your team needs to do next. Once you have worked out the first clue, you can move into the Escape Room itself. At this point, there are no employees present in the room with you – just a puzzle to solve!

First Second Date Experience: When I went on my first second date , we went to an escape room near our college campus. It was so fun! We were given a sheet of paper that laid out everything we had already done and what we still needed to figure out. The whole experience was thrilling as hell – probably one of the most exciting dates I’ve ever been on – and we had a blast. When the hour was up, we hadn’t quite made it out alive (yet), so we were able to go back for free! Second Second Date Experience: My second second date took place in another escape room; this one was even more challenging than the last adventure. We were supposed to be in an air-duct , trying to find our way out before we baked like cookies inside (the heat setting in the oven matched the temperature in the room). The puzzle was very difficult and involved massive amounts of teamwork when I thought it would only take me pulling a couple strings and my partner doing all of the work. No such luck…

Escape Room Etiquette: “The Great Escape is meant to be challenging. Your group is supposed to work together and solve the puzzles – there are no winners or losers in this game, just a lot of satisfied guests.” – The Great Escape Room

Here are some tips for having fun in an escape room without being annoying:

Stay focused! It is easy lose focus when you are solving these types of puzzles with people who aren’t used to them. If you make your partner or teammates crazy with distractions , they might lose interest before even starting the puzzle, which will only make everything harder for everyone. Be patient with them , but also know that you shouldn’t have to wait around forever if that means nobody is going to get out before our time ends. Be respectful of other players who may be part of a different group, but know that you can’t just leave your friends in the dust. Give them a chance to figure out the puzzle at their own pace , and don’t be upset if they have to ask for help – everyone needs it sometimes! Work together. If you need clarification on something, ask somebody else to explain it . Don’t sit there and mumble under your breath or talk about how stupid everybody else is. The same goes for taking hints from other groups- just because they solved their thing first doesn’t mean that you should give up on yours! Spread out, but not too far apart. I was always told as a kid not to wander around someone else’s house if I wasn’t being followed – so don’t wander too far away from your group. If you need a couple minutes to yourself, go ahead and close the door behind you . But make sure that somebody else knows where you’ve gone and how long until you’ll be back (especially if it’s not obvious). If the room is too crowded, ask those people to step out for a little while . It gets hot in there, and nobody will enjoy themselves as much if they’re sweating like pigs.

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