Second date idea: Rent bikes and go on a bike trip together

You might be surprised to hear that cycling is a fantastic date idea. Riding a bike together can be one of the most enjoyable ways you two can spend time together, especially if it’s your first time riding bikes with each other. There are lots of reasons why it’s great for a second date, so before you rule out biking as an option, consider these perks. You don’t have to worry about awkwardness

Riding a bike forces you to stay close together and even touch each other at times — but no worries, just because you’re holding hands or leaning into each other doesn’t have to mean anything romantic! If there isn’t any tension or flirting going on between the two of you yet, then this closeness makes it easy for things to naturally progress. You can have conversations

Riding a bike is similar to being on a roller coaster together — there are times when you’re both facing forward, flying down the street, but other times where you’re looking at each other and having fun talking. If one of you feels shy about speaking up, then don’t forget that riding next to each other gives you plenty of opportunities to yell out fun facts or ask questions. It’s healthy

You’ll be doing something active together which will give your second date an added boost of health benefits! Cycling is also different from most popular second date ideas , like dinner or drinks, because it stimulates multiple parts of your bodies at — your legs are powering you forward, your arms are holding the handlebars, and your core is keeping you balanced. It’s cheap

With all of the benefits that come from cycling together, it can be affordable to go on a second date in this way. Second dates don’t have to cost a lot of money, so if you were trying not to splurge too much on this one, biking lets you spend just enough while still having fun and building a connection. It’s adventurous

Even if you’re not trying to be too adventurous on your second date, cycling brings an extra dose of excitement and thrill to your night out since it requires venturing outdoors as opposed to just staying indoors or going somewhere secluded. Second dates don’t have to always be dinner and drinks at a fancy restaurant — take advantage of the great weather and hit the road! Biking leads to other ideas

If you’re near water, then consider cycling along a path for a while until you reach a pier or a scenic boat dock where you can take a break from pedaling and relax together. If there are hills around, see how many you two can climb before getting tired. You could even bring a few snacks and turn your cycle into a small picnic date. Second dates don’t have to be centered around one activity — mix it up by playing around with biking!

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