unique date idea: Buy some Lego kits and put them together

Want to do something fun on your next date? Since Legos are popular toys, why not buy some Lego kits and put them together with each other?! It’ll be a great first date idea to break the ice. You can go into any toy section of a department store to find options for your unique date idea. Here are some examples:

$19.99 for this Harry Potter Set  – or – $14.99 for this Pirate Ship

For more ideas, click here .

Head over to the toy aisle at Target or Walmart if you’re feeling adventurous! See what else is available. For these kits specifically, you’d want to purchase two separate ones so it’s not too redundant when building them together. If that doesn’t suit you, find something else! The important part is that your date has to like Legos.

If they do, though, it can be fun picking one out together and then putting it together. Perfect for a coffee shop or a trendy bar [if at a bar, I would not recommend this being the only activity of the date]. If you want to get really sophisticated on this unique first or second-date idea , go into a bookstore and ask them if they have any recommendations for books on building specific kits .

Or split things up even more by going into two different stores – one for buying the kit itself and one for buying some food/drinks while you put the kit together. This way, you get to spend time with them even more!

This is something you can also do together with other people for a party – it’s great if you want to fit in some friendly competition. Your date will love this unique first or second-date idea (provided they like Legos)! It’ll be the highlight of their week/month/year .

Happy building, my fellow nerds and nerdettes! [the article should probably end here]  Let me know how your Lego-building date goes! If it sucks, don’t blame me. I just wrote an article about it. You can still look at all these pictures of adorable puppies instead though. Have fun… ?!?!??!?!!?1????!!!!?????!!!!!!!!!!?!!!???!>>>>>>

First of all, I want you to know that nobody is judging the fact that you’re dating a guy who has an ex. It doesn’t matter if she’s really pretty and smart and has one green eye and one blue (that would be weird). He didn’t marry the girl, so the only thing this should be about is how it affects your relationship with him. But…

Well, he brought her up on your first date which was kind of strange even though both of you were sitting at a table under a heat lamp as far as the waiter knew he could have been talking about anything other than his dead wife. And then there were those pictures – three whole ones WITHOUT YOU IN THEM! Plus brunch he picked up a piece of egg with his fork, held it up in the air above her head and said “look, an angel!” Then he kissed it. That was weird. And then that other thing happened, but you don’t want to talk about that because all that other stuff is still too complicated FOR YOU AND THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A DATE NOT AN INTERVIEW.

So what should you do? Well, first of all try not to freak out because you really like him and besides nobody likes a crazy girl who brings their dead wife up on the first date so just relax! You don’t have to marry him tomorrow night! Plus there are plenty of healthy ways for you two to bond without being overly-dependent on each other all the time – you both have jobs and families to go home to, right? RIGHT?! YOU DO YOU DO YOU DO!

The best thing for you two to do is schedule a fun date for this Saturday night that does not involve his dead wife. How about Legos? Maybe he can teach you how it feels to click bricks together. Or maybe the two of you can break out your old Barbies and make some “Ken Dolls” together or something! That sounds like fun, right?! JK no way YOLO let’s get smashed off our asses tonight!!!!!

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