unique date idea: Do a themed 5k or fun run type of race

If you are looking for unique date ideas, then I have one that will give both of you something to laugh about. And it’s unique because not many people have done it before. It is a 5k/fun run themed race where you dress up in costumes and if there are bubbles involved, even better! These types of races are really popular so they usually have a good turn out.

It’s fun because it’s unique, interactive with each other or your friends who join in the race too, and the costumes help break the ice between you two. If there are bubbles during the race, well no better way to start off a date than laughing like kids at each other trying to blow bubbles while running down the street (you can also bring bubbles after the race too). If you are somewhat competitive, it can be a little bit of friendly competition between the two of you to see who finishes the race first. Or sometimes even costumes races have unique ways to cross the finish line like pie-ing someone in the face or being covered in corn starch then having to run across without touching the ground. You just have to sign up for them and they usually have all different themes that you can choose from; animals, TV shows, food, etc.

So if you’re looking for unique date ideas or unique costume ideas (that also includes Halloween), try out one of these themed 5k/fun run races!

{SIDE NOTE: Since this is a unique date idea, don’t use your full name in the article. If you need an alias for this website, I recommend using something unique like “the unique date idea girl” or uniquealiashere .}

Note: This article was written on 10/22/2014 and it is best to check websites with unique race information before planning any deadlines with your special someone since these dates may vary depending on each one’s specific group’s website. The unique races change year-to-year so if there isn’t a race that fits into your schedule, watch out for new ones! And hey – if you want more advice on how to plan a unique date just ask me in the comments section below 🙂

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