unique date idea: Make a time capsule

When you think of the past, what comes to mind? The good ol’ days when things were simpler, right? You probably wish you could go back in time and enjoy some of your favorite memories all over again.

Today is the perfect day for that! What better way to get in touch with your old-fashioned side than by making a time capsule together?

This unique date idea will require at least 3 hours of your time. Make sure to bring along anything you might need while digging (like shovels, buckets, etc.). Prepare everything ahead of time so you can minimize the amount of digging you’ll have to do after filling up the container.

If there are 2 or more of you involved in this unique date idea , try to come up with a theme for the time capsule. For example:

-If you’re into music, you could include some special recordings and/or mementos (such as ticket stubs to concerts, posters, etc).

-If you like art and history, pick out your favorite interesting facts about the time period and include them in your time capsule.

-If you’re more of a foodie couple , create a cookbook full of recipes from back then!

The sky’s the limit…as long as it’s related to the past!

When deciding on what items to place inside your unique date idea , choose things that bring back good memories or that remind you of something definitely worth remembering.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. Find them in your parent’s closet or attic, other people’s attics or through online marketplaces like eBay, Etsy and Craigslist:

-A book/newspaper from that time period (or even just about the topic of your choice).

-Tickets, program stubs and other mementos from events such as concerts, plays, etc.

-Posters, maps and pictures from the event/place/time period involved.

-Photos of important people and places (make sure they can fit inside the container!).

Once you have everything ready to go, fill up your unique date idea ! Just make sure it stays safe enough no one finds it before you do!

When you’re ready to dig it up again, be sure to pick a time and place where both of you can join in on the fun. This is your moment to re-live some of your favorite memories together, so don’t miss out on that opportunity!

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***How many of you remember those time capsules that were supposed to be opened in 50 years?  And not only did we all make one, we put together a class time capsule and buried it at school.

Well, this is kind of like that- only different.

You will start this date by finding a waterproof container (if you can’t find one for free somewhere, Amazon has tons).  Next, fill it with cool stuff from the past year or so: music from high points in your relationship, photos of memorable experiences you had as a couple during that time period (even just funny things on your phone would work), newspaper clippings about new laws or sports scores… anything really. But do NOT tell each other what is in the box.

Now you get to bury it for someone else to find in the future.  Where should it be buried? Well, this is where you can get creative and have fun with it. It could be in a place that holds meaning- like by your back fence or under an old tree that might not exist when the time capsule is dug up or even in a park near your home (just make sure you keep track of where you bury it). Or you could do something really cool and sneak onto The Price Is Right set, take a seat at Plinko, shovel the chips into the bucket when no one is looking and put your time capsule down behind Bob Barker’s desk!  

Just remember, when someone finds your time capsule, you will be long gone so it is for the next generation. So make sure to record a video as your last will and testament, saying something like “This time capsule was made by…” with your name and maybe even a little about what things were going on that year, etc.

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