cheap date ideas: Buy a puzzle and hit a coffee shop

As cheap date ideas go, you can’t really beat a puzzle. And if your date is the kind of person who likes puzzles and doesn’t find them dull, then it’s even better.

The puzzle could be one that comes in a box (it will probably say “for ages” somewhere on the package; make sure it’s at least something like 13+, since children under about 8 probably won’t enjoy this) or one of those little 500 to 2000 piece ones you can get in some stores for cheap or free (check around). Either way works well because these cheap dates involve hitting up a coffee shop after you’re done with your puzzling.

One really nice thing about going out to have a puzzle while also drinking coffee is that pretty much any coffee shop is cheap date-worthy. It doesn’t really matter, except that if it’s too loud, you’ll have a hard time enjoying the puzzle or having a decent conversation with your date.

You may want to get there earlier than you’d think so that you can finish before closing time. That way the two of you don’t have to split up because one of you finished earlier and got booted out, which would kind of spoil an otherwise cheap date.

This cheap date idea is best when it’s chilly outside, though its cheapness makes it suitable for just about any weather. The coziness factor might be what saves this cheap date during summertime heat waves, but remember that even warm beverages are still hot, so be careful.

The cheap date of buying a puzzle and hitting up the nearest coffee shop gets bonus cheap points because of its cheapness (of course) but also because it’s one that is easy to remember (unlike say, cheap dates involving strange sports like curling).

People with active minds may find this cheap date idea especially cheap date-worthy, as they will have more fun doing puzzles than sitting around watching TV or playing video games with you. If your date isn’t the type to go for this cheap idea, try looking online for an interesting puzzle with a cheap price tag. This way they can still enjoy their coffee while you’re out solving your cheap puzzle together.

This cheap date idea is best when done at least twice, once for each of you. If either of you finishes the cheap puzzle before the cheap date time is up, it’s cheap date-worthy to try to figure out how long until closing time so that you can get your cheap dates over with in time.

This cheap date idea does have some flaws. If your cheap date isn’t into puzzles then it will be a cheap letdown. Also, if you aren’t very good at puzzles, this cheap date idea will probably end earlier than expected due to frustration on both sides. But these are all reasons why this might work well as a cheap first date.

If done properly, this cheap first or second or tenth date should go smoothly while being extremely affordable and easy on the cheap wallet. If it does, make sure to keep doing cheap dates like this in the future!

If you want more cheap date ideas (or any other kind of dating advice), make sure to check out Exquisite Dates . It’s loaded with cheap date ideas and all kinds of good dating advice in general.

And if cheap puzzles aren’t your thing, then try some cheap makeup or cheap clothes on for size. Or just go surfing for cheap stuff online that you can tell yourself is a cheap date idea even if no one else agrees…

Article background information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: Like the coloring date idea, this one is really relaxing. And there is a lot of time to talk and get to know each other. You just have to make sure that your date likes puzzles rather than finding them dull.

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Yeaah… cheap puzzle and coffee dates are so cheap date ideas if you don’t mind being cheap, cheap, cheap all night long! This cheap first or second or tenth date idea is not only cheap for you but your cheap date too! Cheap Valentine’s Day or 3D Date Ideas

Much like a great many other people out there, I was never a fan of cheap Valentine’s Day date ideas because they’re just that: cheap . It’s just not romantic enough. Sure, it may have been when we were in high school when everything seemed fun to do with that special someone, even if it meant hanging out in one another’s basements watching TV while eating junk food. But cheap Valentine’s Day date ideas cheap isn’t enough when we’re older. We want a cheap date that is cheap and fun, cheap and exciting. cheap but romantic. cheap but memorable. cheap but not cheesy .

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