Cheap date ideas: Explore a local national or state park

When you just can’t afford to do anything that costs actual money, don’t worry. Cheap date ideas are all around you—and in this case, we mean literally “all around you” since many national and state parks are free or only require a small parking fee.

Although the idea of spending time outside seems anathema to those trying to preserve their paychecks for months ahead of them, it is actually very romantic. Exploring nature together is fun, gets your hearts pumping (helping both of your endorphin levels), and brings you closer together as friends/lovers/partners/spouses/etc. The next time it’s pouring rain on weekend instead of hitting up another overcrowded, overpriced local night spot, look into your options for going camping or going to a participating national or state park in your area.

Don’t live near a national or state park? It’s not too late to plan a trip during the summer when you have time off from school! Check out this list of free national parks , and have fun exploring nature together—completely free.

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