Free date ideas: Do some legal urban exploring

In our busy lives, time is a valuable commodity. Free dates shouldn’t feel cheap, so you don’t want to go too far with your search for ideas. Luckily, there’s a whole world of real estate just waiting to be seen.

If you live in a city, there are all kinds of interesting buildings, ruins, nook and crannies, and other interesting spots perfect for urban exploration. So if you both have a passion for exploring and live in a city, this can be a really cool date idea. Just make sure your date is totally on board, wear appropriate clothing (you’ve gotta protect those knees!), and stay legal.

Your local area will probably have untold wonders, but here are some specific suggestions from around the world.

· Free date ideas: Go to the beach at low tide, find cool stuff

The San Francisco Bay Area has a lot of great hikes. One is up Lands End, where you can hike along the cliffs and look out at the Pacific Ocean until your feet get wet (free). Tide pools are also pretty interesting to explore as well as finding little creatures in them. Free · Free date ideas: Explore abandoned areas

In Detroit there is a huge city square with an underground parking garage that was built during the gold rush which serves as a perfect place for urban exploration- there are never any cars parked or coming down into it so you’re free to roam around and find things like old table games from when they first opened up a casino down there. Free · Free date ideas: Search for ghosts

Many cities have well-known ghost stories, so why not spend Halloween night exploring? Free · Free date ideas: Go on a game show

If you wait by the side of certain streets in Los Angeles, random people will come up to you and bribe you with $100 to go on their game show . It’s kind of like an urban scavenger hunt. Free

· Free date ideas: Watch nature reclaim an abandoned building from its roots up

In the suburbs outside of Detroit, there is a hospital that closed down about 30 years ago because it had been built partially over a toxic waste dump (because apparently cutting costs is more important than). In recent years as housing prices have dropped, people have moved in and taken over unoccupied homes. Free · Free date ideas: Take a tour of the Paris catacombs

Since 1786, more than six million skeletons from overcrowded cemeteries in Paris have been transferred to an abandoned network of tunnels underneath the city . Free · Free date ideas: Tour San Francisco with a local guide

If you’re in San Francisco this weekend (October 11–12), check out Yerba Buena’s free Jazz Festival and then follow that up by joining the locals for a Pirate Invasion of Alcatraz . Free

We recommend checking out Wikipedia ‘s articles on cities around the world to find good places nearby; these can be both interesting and unusual. Free

So that’s our list of free date ideas to explore urban spaces with your special someone! Free · Free date ideas: Take a hike in the woods

If you’re more into nature, try hiking . Free · Free date ideas: Explore art galleries

Many cities have free art galleries , perfect for an afternoon or evening out together. Free · Free date ideas: Go star gazing at the planetarium

A tight budget is no excuse not to go on a date, even if it means keeping things simple  like hanging out at home and cooking dinner together . Free · Free date ideas: Go bird watching

There are many interesting birds living in city parks, but it’s best to do your research before hand so you don’t show up with the wrong kind of optics. Free · Free date ideas: Watch a free outdoor movie

Many cities have free outdoor shows, so check your local listings or even set up some chairs on the street for something low-key . Free · Free date ideas: Go metal detecting at the beach

If you’re near a beach and feel like hanging out watching the waves roll in, why not go metal detecting ? Free key words to include: article content, list start, start listing.

Title: 20 ways to make money while dating (in college)

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1. Be a test subject

Testing new products for companies is another great way to get paid for trying out something you might buy anyway. Free · Free date ideas: Get free food at restaurants

Every year there are articles written about different restaurant chains giving away free food on Valentine’s Day . Free · Free date ideas: Test your love compatibility with your partner

How well do you know your significant other? Free · Free date ideas: Watch people sing karaoke and get paid for it! While karaoke can be fun, watching others perform really isn’t. Free · Free date ideas: Participate in focus groups If you enjoy talking about products and services, focus groups are a great way to get paid for your opinion. Free · Free date ideas: Get paid to go shopping Doing someone else’s grocery shopping might sound like a drag, but if you actually enjoy that kind of thing then this could be an easy way to earn extra money on the side. Free 2. Sell old textbooks

Sometimes it is worth it to hold out until semester’s end when sites like Chegg . Free · Free date ideas: Research things people care about When you’re not in college anymore (or even if you still are), there will always be websites looking for content writers — especially ones who focus on topics related to your major or catagory of study. Free · Free date ideas: Try phone dating If you don’t mind talking on the phone, there are plenty of resources out there for finding people who need someone to talk to. Free · Free date ideas: Sell your old stuff If you have clothes, accessories, or shoes that you never wear anymore then it might be worth it to sell them online or at a consignment shop . Free · Free date ideas: Participate in paid surveys

Paid survey sites like Survey Junkie  and Swagbucks  aren’t just for college students. Free key words to include: article content, list start, start listing.

Title: Hiking with your dog

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1. Avoid mating season

While it can be really difficult to keep your dog away from a female in heat, it’s the best way to prevent either dog or person from getting hurt. Free · Free date ideas: Get them used to your scent

Dogs are naturally territorial and tend to be more aggressive toward unknown dogs so if you’ve been hanging out, don’t let the new friend smell you until they’re calm and comfortable . Free · Free date ideas: Teach them some manners There are lots of great books and classes designed specifically for teaching dogs how to walk on leashes without pulling. Free · Free date ideas: How about a nice little stroll?  There’s no need to go full-out on your next hike. Free · Free date ideas: Hiking with dogs doesn’t mean you need to go far While it might be fun to get out into the wilderness for a few days, if you live in an urban area then there are plenty of great trails within walking distance . Free key words to include: article content, list start, start listing.

Title: Free date ideas: 5 anime movies or TV shows perfect for couples

Keywords to include: free anime show suggestions, good free tv shows for couples, good free anime series for beginners, some great anime that’s actually kind of cheap

Free key words to include: article content, list start, start listing. Free · Free date ideas Watch a political documentary on Netflix We know what you’re thinking: Free · Free date ideas: Watch Anime. Anime might be cliché, but it’s also great for couples who like to do something together that isn’t completely mainstream. Free · Free date ideas Learn how to fix a few things around the house Sure, you can hire someone to do your dirty work for you, but there are lots of easy projects that are fun to learn . Free · Free date ideas Go geocaching If you want something outside but don’t feel like going far, geocaching is a really fun way to spend the afternoon . Free key words to include: article content, list start, start listing.

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