second date idea: Go to a demolition derby

Do you have second date plans? If not, consider going to a demolition derby. It’s a really fun time and will certainly be something memorable for your second date with your crush. However, make sure that both of you like cars before taking this route.

If you live in an area where this is available to attend, check the local listings to see if there are any upcoming derbies. Then show up dressed appropriately (wear clothes that can get dirty). You can plan on staying for at least one round because it takes quite some time to go through every person who wants to participate in the derby (they start signing up as early as 4pm).

And don’t worry about having second thoughts; all the car crashes are totally planned out so no one gets seriously injured. Of course there are still safety precautions in place, but you should be able to enjoy the show without too much apprehension. Just imagine how funny it would be if people kept bumping into each other!

If you happen to find yourself near a demolition derby and want something interesting to do on your second date, take your girlfriend or boyfriend along to watch some cars get demolished! You might even be able to park nearby if that is something that interests her or him. It’s also very family-friendly (so you could make this a group date) and surprisingly inexpensive (usually less than $10 per person).

Just make sure the derby takes place at night; daytime derbies aren’t as fun because all of the cars are very clearly labeled. People who take part in the derby want to be identifiable (in case they cause an accident, their insurance provider will know right away) so they paint their vehicles bright colors.

As for how it works, there is a lot of strategy involved; people try to drive slowly enough to make sure that they don’t damage their vehicle too much (without sacrificing speed), but fast enough that they can still move around and bump into other drivers. The goal is not necessarily to win since everyone loses eventually, but it’s important to be aggressive and knock as many cars out of the way as you can!

So if you have second date plans come up short, consider doing something creative like going to a demolition derby. It’s a sure-fire way to have fun and get your adrenaline pumping. Just make sure that you don’t get into it with your date too much or else there could be some second thoughts!

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