second date idea: Paint some pottery

If you’ve already completed your second date, then congratulations! You made it out alive. If not, getting second date ideas can be tough, but there are plenty of places around the world where you and your date can go paint some pottery or make something together—with no strings attached.

It’s important to keep in mind that not all second dates will lead to second base (or at least that I hope they don’t). There may be another double date with your original friends or maybe just a walk around town or other activity that keeps things chill at first before leading into the heavy stuff later on. However, sometimes you might have an idea for how to spend your second date, but are short on ideas for where to go. Especially if you’re new to your town, second date ideas can be limited.

Pottery painting is one second date idea that will give both of you something to do while together, but not too much so. You have fun together making a project and leave with a souvenir at the same time—really what could go wrong?

Here are some second date ideas for pottery painting:

– Create votive candle holders for each other as a remembrance of the night that they were made!  Who doesn’t need an excuse to have their own set of candles now and then?  It’s also not very expensive either!

– For your second date idea , maybe just paint an object together instead of decorating pottery. Maybe paint a ceramic plate to use as a tray, or painting some hanging picture frames for each other.

– Think about what you and your date like most and find second date ideas that involve those things.  Maybe it’s baking together, cooking together, literally making something together with second date idea – pottery painting , carving wood, building furniture —the list really does go on and on!

Hopefully these second date ideas will help you out if you’re looking for second date ideas ! If not, here is an article with second date tips .

That’s all I’ve got for second date ideas ! Good luck planning the rest of your dates; hopefully they’ll all end in second base!

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I second that, second date ideas are a great way to spice up the night and make it more fun! I second what this article says, second date tips seem to be a great second date idea if you’re looking for second date ideas ! As always, thanks for reading my post! xxoo

This is a wonderful second date idea , though I would suggest going somewhere secluded where you could don your best lingerie and have some “private time”. Just kidding – or am I? All jokes aside, this seems like a fantastic second date idea.

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